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The differences between how different types of

The Effect of Caffeine on Plant GrowthBotanyExperimental Investigation___________________________________________Signature of Sponsoring Teacher___________________________________________Signature of School Science Fair Coordinator TeacherBrian Hooper640 W. Scott St. Chicago, IL 60610Grade #Table of ContentsAcknowledgments Page 3Purpose and Hypothesis Page 4Background Research Page 5Materials and Procedure Page 6Results Page 7 Conclusion, Reflection, Application Page 8Reference List Page 9Acknowledgments I would like to thank my parents first of all for getting the materials that I needed for this project for me because without them I wouldn’t be able to have the materials and without the materials I wouldn’t be able to do the experiment and without the experiment there would be no project. I would also like to thank the seeds I used to grow because without them this project wouldn’t be the same so shout out to the seeds and my parents for making this project go the way it was supposed to go. Purpose and HypothesisThe purpose of this project is to find the differences between how different types of caffeine affects plant growth against the effect of regular water on plant growth.I hypothesized that the caffeine would affect the plant’s growth more than what water does on the plants. I hypothesized this because of my research, which shows that people use caffeine more than they use regular water and sunlight on the plants because it makes them grow faster than regular water. Review of Literature People have been using/ drinking caffeine for alertness when they get tired and to wake them up for a long long time now. If you think about it, if caffeine keeps humans up and aware of things, then it should have the same effect on plants meaning it should keep the plants alive and healthy and make them grow. According to the website, “How Caffeine Evolved to Help Plants Survive and Help People Wake Up”, “Caffeine may be a drug, but it’s not the product of some underworld chemistry lab; rather, it’s the result of millions of years of plant evolution.”(https://www.hunker.com/13427957/the-effects-of-caffeine-on-plants ) this is telling us that caffeine causes the evolution of plants and kind of creates the plant evolution, meaning in order for plants to grow and evolve, they would need caffeine, which is what my project is about; how caffeine affects plant growth. The grounded coffee that I used to make the plants grow is organic matter which helps add more nutrients to the soil of the plants(https://www.education.com/science-fair/article/effect-caffeine-plant-growth/ ). While the grounded coffee gives the plants more nutrients, worms actually go in the soil to start to feed on the grounded coffee which helps to aerate the soil, which means the air is being dissolved in the liquid which makes the plant grow. There have been past experiments on this testable question where people use caffeine on plants which usually resulted in the plant’s leaves turning brown and becoming wrinkled. It has been proven that people mostly use grounded coffee or caffeine tablets more than just regular water and sunlight because it speeds up the evolution/growth of the plants, and after this experiment I did, I believe that it is correct and that they are making the right decision because when I started taking care of the plants, like on the second day the plant that I put the grounded coffee and then the other plant that I put the caffeine tablets in was growing pretty fast, while the plant with just the water wasn’t growing. Some plants are able to be given any type of caffeine to grow pretty quickly but some plants can only have a certain type of caffeine and a certain amount of caffeine used on it because if you put too much of a caffeine into a plant then you could harm the plant and mess up the whole experiment or even mess up your progress if you’re just growing plants just to grow them and then you would have to start over. After all, coffee grounds give the plants nutrients because of its organic matter which makes the plant healthy but if you give the plants too much then the plant could die. Materials and Procedure1 pack of beans3 garden pots1 cup of tap water everyday for the regular trial1 pack of grounded coffee1 measuring cup3 lights to keep sunlight on the plantsGet materials for experiment Fill the 3 pots with soil Put 3 beans in each of the potsAdd water to the first potAdd coffee mixture to second potAdd caffeine tablet (mixed with water) to third potAfter 5 days, measure the length (in centimeters or inches) of each plant’s growth Record observations and results in notebookCalculate average height of the plants by adding each length together and then dividing that answer by 3 because there are three potsResultsPlant 1(water)Plant 2(Coffee)Plant 3(Caffeine tablets)Day 1 height0 cm0 cm0 cmDay 2 height0 cm3 cm2 cmDay 3 height2 cm5 cm4 cmDay 4 height3.5 cm5.8 cm4.8 cmDay 5 height4.2 cm7.2 cm6 cmThese are my results for the experiment and it shows that in 5 days plant 1(water) grew to 4.2 cm, plant 2(grounded coffee) grew to 6.2 cm, and plant 3(caffeine tablets) grew to 6 cm. This proves that the grounded coffee grows more and grows faster than the other plants because it grew the most. Conclusion, Reflection, and ApplicationConclusion: In conclusion, I hypothesized that the grounded coffee would grow the fastest and my experiment has proven that I hypothesized correctly. I tested this experiment by putting soil in all of the pots and then putting the seeds inside the soil in the pot. As the days went by, I constantly kept adding grounded coffee to one pot, regular water in one pot, and then dissolved caffeine tablets in the other pot. I knew that my hypothesis was going to be correct because the grounded coffee was growing faster than the other plants which shows that it is the best substance to use when growing plants because it makes it grow faster. As I was doing this experiment and researching, I noticed that grounded coffee actually helps give nutrients to the plant which makes it grow faster than regular water.Application: Scientists could use this to experiment some more on what happens to the plants when people use different types of substances. People could also use this if they are trying to get their lawns or their plants to grow fast because they might be attending a plant growth contest or something. This experiment connects to our lives because some people actually grow their plants in their garden so that they can eat it, and not just for show like other people but if they use this grounded coffee then they can get their plants to grow faster and get to eat them faster. This experiment explains how you can get plants to grow faster than what people usually do which is use water and sunlight. Reflection: I believe that my results were accurate because the results that I observed matched the research that I had on the project so that means that I did it right and it went the way it was supposed to go. Next time I would use different types of caffeine like juices because that could probably give me different results and it could help me see if grounded coffee is really the best substance for growing plants faster. I also want to know if there are other types of liquids that I could use to make plants grow and if I figure this out then it could change the world because people wouldn’t have to use regular water to grow plants and it wouldn’t have to take as long which people might appreciate since they wouldn’t have to wait so long and constantly do the same thing to the plants everyday. Reference ListAll Science Fair Projects (Ed.). (2014). 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