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Merriam Webster dictionary defines stalking as: “The act or crime of willfully
and repeatedly following or harassing another person in circumstances that
would cause a reasonable person to fear injury or death especially because of
express or implied threats; a crime of engaging in a course of conduct directed
at a person that serves no legitimate purpose and seriously alarms, annoys, or
intimidates that person”. As college students there are some things you should
know about stalking on college campuses. A few important things for you to know
are as follows. There is no one type of stalker, there are many different types
of stalkers and stalking behaviors that characterize each type. If you are
being stalked there are things that you can do. Potential effects of being a
victim of stalking. Programs currently at the University of Memphis, and other
ways to maintain your safety.

            The stalking types that will be discussed in this paper
are: rejected stalkers, resentful stalkers, predatory stalkers, intimacy
seeking stalkers, incompetent suitor stalkers, and erotomania and morbidly
infatuated stalkers. While many stalking behaviors can be violent, such as
threats to the victim, physical harm, or damage to their belongings, not all are.
In fact some types of stalking can involve the giving of gifts and writing of
things like love letters.

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stalkers usually begin like the name states from rejection. This most often
occurs when a relationship ends, and one person feel that they have rejected.
Many of the relationships than end and result in a rejected stalker are ones
that involve intimacy. The rejected stalker usually wants one of two things.
They either want to begin their relationship with the victim again, or they
want to get revenge on the victim for the rejection. The victim’s response to
the stalker can often influence whether they will try to seek further
relationships or revenge. These stalkers are very persistent and invasive, and
are more likely to verbally intimidate or physically assault their victims. And
it is not uncommon for there to have been a history of violence in the
relationship prior to its ending.  

the stalking behaviors and acts are done to intimidate, scare or emotionally
distress the victim this is usually the work of a resentful stalker. These
stalkers often stalk their victim in order to get revenge. They tend to
associate their victims and view them in a similar way to ones that have possibly
oppressed or embarrassed them. Resentful stalkers may also view themselves as
survivors, merely retaliating against their oppressors. This type of stalker is
often very intrusive to their victim’s life, they also are an enduring type of
stalker.  It is common for them to threaten victims, however they are
actually some of the least likely to physically assault a victim.




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