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The Elements Of Movies Film Studies Essay

This paper discusses the elements of a film that need to be considered in being able to to the full measure movies, the paper includes how films as an art signifier can be interpreted so that an person can incorporate it into 1 ‘s life. Besides, a personal method of measuring films and puting accent on specific elements is incorporated.

Although movie is considered the youngest art signifier, it is dependent on narratives, something every bit old as humanity itself. Narratives were possibly born amidst a assemblage of people before a greaves campfire, it is likely that the first narratives were of hazard, menace and command so the folk could get by safely with the fright they faced in existent and unsafe state of affairss, it has carried on in the same manner today where people can see emotion like fright and excitement in the shelter of a film ( Hiltunen, 2002 ) .

Cinema screening has become an highly popular societal activity, and the coming of the DVD format has brought quality movie testing into each place. It is this general acquaintance with films that makes composing about gesture images a challenge. Film has become such an constituted portion of day-to-day amusement that people have become inactive viewing audiences who look for nil more beyond simple amusement. It is of import to develop the accomplishment of analysing films to comprehend movie facets that are frequently overlooked ; the camera angles, the composing, the movie redaction, the musical marking and many other production work that go along with each film

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This refers to the unifying nucleus concern of the movie ; the subject is the particular focal point that unites the assorted elements of the film ( Boggs & A ; Petrie, 2008 ) . The vision for the movie must be delineated for the subject to be identified. To ease this enterprise, some major elements have to be considered.


This is the series of happenings organizing the program of action of a peculiar narrative. When the movie shaper focuses on the secret plan, the action is normally stimulating and fast-paced, this is ideal for action and escapade films where thoughts, characters and emotional effects are secondary to the events and the concluding result ( Boggs & A ; Petrie, 2008 ) .


This is the emotional weight of the film on the spectator, normally a specific feeling overcomes the movie or each section leads to one potent emotional consequence ( Boggs & A ; Petrie, 2008 ) . For case are the romantic tones in love narratives and the sheathing of trepidation in suspense thrillers.

Fictional character

Through clear limit by duologue or action, a individual alone character is emphasized, although the other elements are still given importance, they are chiefly used to assist the spectator understand the character ‘s unusual aspects of personality ( Boggs & A ; Petrie, 2008 ) .

Style or construction

For some movies, it is the texture or manner of the movie that becomes dominant, it is a alone sense that pervades the film and differentiates them from others, it could be a expression, an ambiance, a tone or an unusual organisation that interlocks assorted cinematic elements ( Boggs & A ; Petrie, 2008 ) .


For most serious films, action and character are important non merely in the movie ‘s context but besides with regard to a life, experience or an facet of the human status, it is normally an indirect attack that necessarily concludes to assorted viewing audiences holding assorted readings ( Boggs & A ; Petrie, 2008 ) . The cardinal thought could be categorized into the following harmonizing to Boggs and Petrie ( 2008 ) :

Moral intensions. Some movies make moral statements to convert viewing audiences to use a certain rule to their lives.

Truth of human nature. The characters are employed to expose a general and universally accepted impression about human nature.

Social concerns. Many movies endeavor to cast visible radiation and consciousness on societal jobs that need to be addressed and would hopefully promote reform.

Struggle for human self-respect. This is by and large a show of the conflict between carnal inherent aptitudes and human dignity or self-respect that exists within each of us, the inclination to give up to failing or ferociousness is particularly challenged when faced with internal or external dehumanizing forces.

Human relationships. The built-in complexness of society and the associations and connexions that go with it supply a rich beginning of inspiration for many movie shapers. The defeats, delectations and jobs intrinsic in human personal businesss are dealt with.

Growth/ change/ awareness/ coming of age. This normally involves immature people being well altered by the state of affairss and functions they are thrust in

Philosophic or moral conundrum: the film maker tries to affect the spectator into a philosophical quandary, the film does non normally provide concrete replies, but instead it poses a moral crisis which the spectator will be forced to chew over on.

Identifying the subject is an of import measure in film analysis, although it is a complex project because the procedure is subjective and eludes rigorous standardized guidelines, it is helpful in measuring a film decently.

A good subject is cosmopolitan ; it must non be confined to one topographic point or clip, and even if it was, it must talk to people irrespective of race, age or position and be relevantly interesting to some grade ( Boggs & A ; Petrie, 2008 ) .

The Story


The narrative must hold a incorporate secret plan to clear up and define the subject. It must be believable and converting to the spectator in assorted ways, as specified by Boggs & A ; Petrie, ( 2008 ) :

External truth. Refers to how near the film is to the existent physical universe turn toing even its defects and imperfectnesss.

Internal truth. Refers to the credibility of a narrative because it corresponds with how we want the universe to really be. They satisfy the demand to believe in something good and worthy of religion.

Artistic truth. Refers to the film makers ability to make a different universe that is credible to the spectator, the elements of phantasy and surrealism must transport the spectator to a different dimension that suspends incredulity at least for the continuance of the film.


A good film must keep the viewing audiences involvement through assorted techniques ( Boggs & A ; Petrie, 2008 ) :

Suspense. Elementss of the movie must keep involvement and heighten wonder for the spectator to care about what happens following.

Action. The movie must be dynamic, action can happen physically, psychologically or emotionally. It must convey motion and exciting alterations.

Balance of Complexity and Simplicity

The narrative must be simple plenty that it can be expressed in film but complex plenty to keep the audience cognitively. The narrative has to be compressed into a construction that can be artistically told within a limited clip ( Boggs & A ; Petrie, 2008 ) .

Emotional Restraint

Sing that movies have to be able to impact the audience emotionally, the usage of emotional stuff has to be suited and true to the narrative. Highly inordinate or highly minimum shows of emotion are off-putting and may compromise the credibility of the movie ( Boggs & A ; Petrie, 2008 ) . .


A narrative depends a batch on its rubric ; it is a representation that determines if the prospective audience would respond with involvement or wonder. In most instances the significance of the rubric alterations for the spectator after seeing the film, adding a rich dimension to the movie experience ( Boggs & A ; Petrie, 2008 ) .

Dramatic Structure

It is the method of set uping events and how they are sequenced to be more interesting to the spectator without compromising the ability of the spectator to follow the narrative, the undermentioned construction types harmonizing to Boggs & A ; Petrie ( 2008 ) are:

Linear construction. This is the more popular and logical agreement, get downing with the expounding, which introduces the characters and the state of affairs, followed by the complication where the cardinal struggle Begins, so reaches flood tide, which is the highest point of emotional or physical action where the struggle is determined, stoping with the denouement where equilibrium returns.

Nonlinear Structure. This does non follow the traditional chronological construction, there are many fluctuations to this agreement, one is get downing after the complication has happened and the expositive information is given through flashbacks or character duologue.

Word picture

The characters are the movie ‘s most human component, they must be able to prosecute the audience and derive their understanding or understanding. They ought to be credible in their functions to derive a response from the spectator.


A narrative can deduce its complexness through symbolism, the artistic imitation used in proposing and showing ideal or intangible provinces of thoughts. Generally symbols are simply things that can stand for something else, anything within a narrative can be attached symbolic significance, the characters, the scene and different images, these provide rich dimensions to the narrative when perceived by the spectator.


This is the use of contrasts to stress assorted elements of the narrative, with techniques that use contrast, paradox, disparity and reversal, a cognitive aspect is added to the narrative ( Boggs & A ; Petrie, 2008 ) . The apposition of antonyms enhances the plangency of the narratives elements.

Interpreting Movies

Movies can be interpreted through assorted point of views, with sociology it may be a certification of minute and activity. Films record the bearing, meter, interaction and attitudes of human existences in a scope of state of affairss. Films provide unforgettable imagination of the twentieth century ‘s peak events. The consciousness of the Holocaust is partially because of the filmed images taken from liberated prison cantonments, and comprehension of the devastation caused by the Atomic bomb may partially be attributed to gesture images that depict the calamity. When sing cultural and social history, peculiarly the portion of amusement or leisure nowadays in the life of an mean individual, movie has an of import function ( History Matters, n.d. ) .

One might oppugn the content of movies today particularly since many successful films have incorporated sex and force. It has been said that the cultural mind has been damaged by Hollywood ‘s noncompliant degeneracy and its changeless challenge of the boundaries of decency ; such sentiments are a mixture of fact and mistake. Positive values that exist within films are frequently unmarked and those who wholly withdraw from civilization because of its imperfectness suffer a reduced capacity in trying to deliver that civilization ( Godawa, 2002 )

Movies are an art signifier, they are a agencies of look, the creative activity of art, though blemished and imperfect mirrors the inventiveness and beauty of human nature. Worldviews are communicated through films, one must hold a crisp apprehension of films so that one can spot the good from the bad cultural deductions ( Godawa, 2002 ) . Movies are art signifiers that provide insight and cognition, as an person, one must cognize how and when to integrate doctrines and disclosures taken from movies into one ‘s ain life.

Personal Criteria in Evaluating Movies

The elements of the films stated in the first parts of this paper are all of import facets that need to be considered when measuring a film. A film taken apart so each component can be examined is a utile exercising that provides a spectator with a richer apprehension of the movie and a deeper grasp of its originative dimensions.

Personally and slightly informally, I put the most accent on the undermentioned elements: the secret plan, the word picture, the thoughts and the musical marking.

A grade of complexness to the narrative so that is intellectually stimulating is imperative. The character ‘s portraiture and their control of the proper sum and usage of emotion impact how much I am drawn to the entwining lives in the narrative. When a viewing audiences understanding is non gained a film ‘s impact is greatly reduced.

The musical marking is of import chiefly because it can convey, delineate and stress emotion and feeling, it is an audile facet that affects the spectator cognitively and emotionally, it is personally dissatisfactory when this rich dimension is non utilised to its full advantage.

The thoughts that permeate the film, the impressions that pervade it, the human complexnesss and the human conditions that are exposed through it is improbably of import, for a film to remain in one ‘s head, it has to undertake issues and doctrines that make people inquiry and think. If one can non chew over on some facet of a movie after watching it so one ‘s apprehension of life is non significantly enriched.

All in all an single must be able to concentrate on reacting sensitively to the synchronised interaction of gesture, sound and image ( Boggs & A ; Petrie, 2008 ) . One must see the universe with “ the mind of a scientist, and the psyche of a poet ” ( Boggs & A ; Petrie, 2008 ) . Both personalities, the poet and the scientist, do non collide or belie each other, both positions are of import in sing art and life.


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