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The escape. Kasturi at the age of

The women characters in
Manjukapur’s “Difficult Daughters” are divided into three generations who marry
for different reasons and also hate their marriages for different issues. In
case of Kasturi, marriage is a responsibility and for which she becomes the
sufferer being exploitated in a patriarchal society. In the case of Virmathi,
it is for the sake of love and attachment towards a married man Harish which
results in her alienation. For Ida it is to carry the line and it results her
to remain single and childless.  Manjukapur
has successfully portrayed the conflict of tradition and modernity in her
characters. The women in her novels seem to be the personification of new women
who have been carrying the burden of inhibition since ages and want to break
that tradition of silence now. In the traditional social milieu of her novels
she shows the existence of mothers and daughters, where marriage is regarded as
the ultimate goal and destiny from which these women cannot escape.

Kasturi at the age of
seven was caught red – handed by her parents when she was praying to a picture
of Christ. It was when Kasturi was attending her mission school and at the age
of an innocent childhood time, her mother torn the picture into pieces and
screamed at her threatening her to get married. But it was due to his uncle who
intervened and advised her not to pray any other god than their religion. After
her graduation, her education continued at home. Kasturi’s mother tried to
ensure her daughter’s future happiness by the exemplary nature of her
qualifications through which she has to please her in – laws. Kasturi was
continuously taught cooking and stitching till her marriage was finalized with
SurajPrakash. It was a happy marriage for as followed the traditional norms and
rules of the society she lived in and accepted the patriarchal dominance that
she could not reject giving multiple births. It was only after giving birth to
eleven kids Kasturi couldn’t bear the pain of giving birth anymore.

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