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The Escobedo-Hoyo intentionally hit Hickey following a

The community of Bells Corners mourns the loss of a local teenage Nick Hickey, 17, who was run down while out for a walk in his neighborhood by another Bells Corner resident near the intersection Hammill Court and Seyton Drive.  The accused Guillermo Escobedo-Hoyo, 37, who was a recent grad of Algonquin College’s Paralegal Program has been charged with second-degree murder.  Guillermo Escobedo-Hoyo who was just 200 meters from his home when events began to unfold on the evening of  Jan. 17th. Police allege that Escobedo-Hoyo intentionally hit Hickey following a collision with a lamp post and another vehicle. Escobedo-Hoyo is then believed to have stripped down naked in the street and began pestering freighted and alarmed neighbors for the hidden stash of guns he believed they had. After the failed attempt at acquiring guns, he then attacked an OC Transpo route 97 bus before being arrested, still naked, in someone else Jeep.    Escobedo-Hoyo is a Mexican national with a Canadian work visa and is also married with two step-children. He is a paralegal at Auger Hollingsworth, a personal injury and criminal defense law firm in Ottawa. Born in Pachuca, Mexico, north of Mexico City, his father was a Dentist and professor while his mother was a lawyer. Escobedo-Hoyo received an education than many Mexicans only dream of. He studied at prep schools in Massachusetts and Vermont before returning to Mexico to obtain a law degree from Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Hidalgo. He then set his sights on studying International Relations and did so at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. Following this he returned to Mexico and from Sept. 2011 to July 2013 he was the assistant dean to continuing education at the same university he had already graduated with a law degree. He then turned his attention to the Paralegal program here at the College and was part of mock trial team whom in Mar. 2014 won a competition at Durham College. In May 2015 he began a one-month placement at the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada and upon completion of the paralegal program, he began work at Auger Hollingsworth.Escobedo-Hoyo appeared in court on both Jan. 18 and Jan. 19. During the first appearance on the 18th, he asked if would “retained in custody until tomorrow,” and whether there was anything he could that would allow him to sleep in his own bed. During his next appearance, he broke down in tears and again pleading with the justice of the peace to see if there was any way he could go home. He offered to give up his passport and promised to appear in court again the next week. The justice of the peace rejected his offer. Escobedo-Hoyo told the court teary-eyed “I can’t be in jail another week, I can’t. I don’t want to be here one more second.” He then complained of frostbite to his fingers before changing it to his toes.  His only chance of release in the near future is bail and is being represented by Samir Adam. Though second-degree murder charges can be rare in Ottawa, homicide detectives believe Escobedo-Hoyo intended to run Hickey over. 


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