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The question is should we or should we not talk about Spanish Florida in textbooks? My opinion is we should. There are so many important people and wars/battles that took place in Spanish Florida or “La Florida” that are imperative in our history. Florida was America’s first melting pot, you had Africans, Spaniards, Indians, British,French, Portuguese and the list goes on and on. The first conquest that happened was in the year 1565 led by Pedro Menendez by the orders of King Phillip the second. The entire east coast of what is now the U.S. had been claimed as Spanish territory it stretched north to Nova Scotia and all the way west to the Mississippi and along the Gulf of Mexico to Texas. King Philip the second wanted to establish a strategic position here, to prevent other countries from invading on Spanish land and he wanted to prevent attacks on his Spanish treasure fleets.On the way to Florida they lost three of their ships due to a hurricane and only about half of the passengers made it. They also had a rival that was headed to the same location and once the Spanish got to the land there was battle amongst them which Menendez won. Pedro Menendez was able to then establish a new settlement called “San Augustin” or St. Augustine. Another major event that happened is the “Patriots War” this is one of the most overlooked events in the early nineteenth century. The war started in March 1812 led by former Georgia governor George Mathews. His group of 200 men called “Patriots” seized the east Florida port of Fernandina on Amelia Island. They then head south to capture St. Augustine. The Patriots robbed and burned the homes of anyone sympathetic to Spanish rule. The Seminoles and Black Seminoles came together. They stormed the plantations occupied by the Georgia Patriots and destroyed them, rescuing hundreds of plantation slaves, who then joined their ranks. They combined forces with a militia of about 60 Free Blacks from St. Augustine,the raiding party waited at a place called Twelve Mile Swamp. When American troops sent out a convoy to get supplies, the men ambushed them. Then retreating. Six years later, General Andrew Jackson led a revengeful attack known as the First Seminole War. It was 1818, Spain could not keep its territory from constant conflict. Secretary of State John Quincy Adams demanded that Spain either control its Florida colonies and their defiance on the issue of slavery or surrender the territory to the United States. In February 1821, the Adams-Onís Treaty made Florida a territory of the United States.As Americans we kind of inherited the English version of this story and so we didn’t really get the full story. I think it’s important to recognize that a certain period of time in American history, there was a place where different groups came together, and were able to live with each other, despite or because of their incredible diversity.These are just some events that have happened in history but, this is why we need to put these important events, battles, wars, and people into our history books because this is how America started.  


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