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The future) for my employees. I believe

    The purpose of this task is to outline 5 or
more key points learned in lesson one that will be useful for a manager to
implement in their career.

         Globalization is the ongoing development
of an integrated global economy. Globalization allows organizations to employ people
from all over the world via internet connection. As a manager I would use my
understanding of globalization to hire the brightest and most passionate minds available.

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            Organizations are now seeking employee’s
who have developed soft skills over
technical skills. Soft skills are interpersonal skills. They are the skills
used to assess and interact with other people, coexisting in a flexible manner.
Employers are discovering that it is easier to train and develop an employee’s technical
skills than it is to train their soft skills.
By understanding the value of soft skills, I will be better able to choose potential
employees. Choosing employees who have great interpersonal skills will create a
work environment that is welcoming. Having a welcoming work environment will improve
the organization’s morale.

mission in an organization is the
common goal that people within the organization work toward. People within the
organization should also share a vision or
image of how the organization should run to be successful in it’s mission. As
important as the mission and vision are the values of the organization. The values of an organization define
the rules of conduct in how the organization operates to become successful in
it’s mission. Understanding the relationship between the mission, vision and values
of an organization will allow me to implement strategic goals (goals set to be accomplished in the near future) for
my employees.
I believe high morale is one of the most important aspects for success within
an organization. If I, as manager, can engage my employees to see the
organizations vision, I feel I will have employees that put dedication in
succeeding in the organizations mission.

            An Organization can be understood as
a system with sub-systems/departments that have their own processes yet ultimately
work together to complete the organization mission and goals.
A diagram was provided in lesson one that illustrated the flow of data and
decisions made by an organization. The diagram begins with:  Inputs (resources,
money, raw materials, technology, and people) >processing (work activities that turn inputs in to outputs,
achieving goals), >outputs (finished
goods and services)>outcome>feedback (customer/client feedback,
employee feedback) and returns to both inputs and outputs. Understanding the
flow of decision is important for a manager, as managers tend to direct the
processing of a subsystem within the system. It is important that the manager
utilizes the overall decision-making process followed by the rest of the system
to ensure that the subsystem in which they manage achieves the same processing
to facilitate outcomes that align with the organizations mission.

            Chaos Theory also known as the butterfly effect is the theory that even
the smallest change in a system or sub system can equate to major changes in
the overall system.
An example of this in my own work history happened at Farm Boy Inc Central
Warehouse. In the event of lettuce (Produce cutting department) arriving infested
with insects, the flow of operation was impeded. The produce cutters would be
unable to complete their task of cutting lettuce and sending it to cold and hot
kitchens. Neither team would be able to complete their packaging or cooking
tasks. This would result in cold kitchen and hot kitchen staying late, which
would also mean that the packers and shippers would be required to stay late to
complete their processes in the facility, as they could not load skids with
product that was not available/ ready to ship to stores. One small set back
within the produce cutting department affected four additional departments, and
eventually resulted in delayed deliveries to the stores, which delayed the
merchandizing process within the individual stores. When I am a manager, I will
use Chaos Theory and my understanding of it to carefully consider the affect of
my choices. For example, had I have been the manager at Farm Boy when the
lettuce arrived infested with insects, I would have called the stores that the lettuce-based
items were ordered from and explained that for quality assurance reasons we
would be unable to send products that contained lettuce in the next shipment. I
would contact our lettuce vendor and facilitate a resolution so that the next
day our lettuce arrived early and clear of contamination. Finally, I would
guide the teams that required lettuce to complete all recipes that did not
include lettuce. This would prevent a stall in production, allowing all parties
to go home on time or early.


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