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The goals of the marketing department Essay

THE MARKETING DEPARTMENT was the section where I did my internship. I spent six hebdomads in this section. In these six hebdomads I came to cognize that what are the practical effects of marketing n how to do it more impressive. In Gondal Group of Industries the Marketing section was established in Nov 1999. I worked under Marketing and gross revenues officer Mr. Khalid Rohail.

There are chiefly three sections in Gondal Group Industries

Fiber Glass



These three sections are working at their best.I did my internship in fiber glass section N every bit far as I concerned to merely this section so I got a small expression of others..

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In this section I worked with every appellation member and analyzed, ascertained and learned about the duties and activities associated with them. Let ‘s speak about them one by one.

2.2- Hierarchy of Marketing Department


MarketingA is the procedure by which companies create client involvement in goods or services. It generates the scheme that underlies gross revenues techniques, concern communicating, and concern development.throug marketing the relationship between client and company and it makes the client satisfied by the merchandises.

Gondal industry offers that in order to fulfill its organisational aims, Gondal industry should expect the demands and wants of consumers and fulfill these more expeditiously than rivals. In the consumer-driven attack, consumer wants are the drivers of all strategic selling determinations. No scheme is pursued until it passes the trial of consumer

Aims of Marketing Department

The aims of selling section in gondal group of industry are the designation, expectancy and satisfaction of client or consumer. so marketing section is responsible for the analysis of demands and demands of the consumer and so carry through their demand procedure responsible for placing, expecting and fulfilling client demands by the merchandises the company is offering and besides take feedback of the merchandise to guarantee that the chief aim is achieved or non.

To understand and work in the selling section, it is really of import that one should cognize about the selling research procedure. After larning all the stairss of the Marketing Research Process, selling can be possible.

Selling scheme

It is a procedure by which a house or an organisation concentrates on its resources available and its restrictions and the chances available for them so that the sale can be increased and the advantage of it can be taken harmonizing to demands and harmonizing to desire. A selling scheme should be centered on the cardinal construct thatA client satisfactionA is the chief end.

Key portion of the general corporate scheme

Marketing scheme is a method of concentrating an organisation ‘s energies and resources on a class of action which can take to increased gross revenues and laterality of a targeted market niche. A selling scheme combines merchandise development, publicity, distribution, pricing, relationship direction and other elements ; identifies the house ‘s selling ends, and explains how they will be achieved, ideally within a declared timeframe. Marketing scheme determines the pick of mark market sections, placement, A selling mix, and allotment of resources. It is most effectual when it is an built-in constituent of overall house scheme, specifying how the organisation will successfully prosecute clients, chances, and rivals in the market sphere, corporate schemes, corporate missions, and corporate ends. As the client constitutes the beginning of a company ‘s gross, selling scheme is closely linked withA gross revenues. A cardinal constituent of selling scheme is frequently to maintain selling in line with a company ‘s overarchingA mission statement.

Basic theory:

Target Audience

Proposition/Key Element


Tacticss and actions

A selling scheme can function as the foundation of aA selling program. A selling program contains a set of specific actions required to successfully implement a selling scheme. For illustration:

“ Use a low cost merchandise to pull consumers. Once our organisation, via our low cost merchandise, has established a relationship with consumers, our organisation will sell extra, higher-margin merchandises and services that enhance the consumer ‘s interaction with the low-priced merchandise or service. ”

A scheme consists of a good thought out series of tactics to do a selling program more effectual. Marketing schemes serve as the cardinal underpinning of selling programs designed to make full market demands and reachA marketingA aims. Plans and aims are by and large tested for mensurable consequences.

A selling scheme frequently integrates an organisation ‘s selling ends, policies, and action sequences ( tactics ) into a cohesive whole. Similarly, the assorted strands of the scheme, which might includeA advertisement, A channel selling, A promotionA andA public relationsA can be orchestrated.

Many companies cascade a scheme throughout an organisation, by making scheme tactics that so go scheme ends for the following degree or group. Each one group is expected to take that scheme end and develop a set of tactics to accomplish that end. This is why it is of import to do each scheme end measurable.

Selling schemes are dynamic and synergistic. They are partly planned and partly unplanned.

Types of schemes

Marketing schemes may differ depending on the alone state of affairs of the single concern. However there are a figure of ways of categorising some generic schemes. A brief description of the most common categorizing strategies is presented below:

Schemes based onA market dominanceA – In this strategy, houses are classified based on their market portion or laterality of an industry. Typically there are four types of market laterality schemes:





Organizational Structure: A – scheme on the dimensions of strategic range and strategic strength. Strategic range refers to the market incursion while strategic strength refers to the house ‘s sustainable competitory advantage. The generic scheme model ( porter 1984 ) comprises two options each with two alternate Scopess. These areA DifferentiationA andA low-priced leadershipA each with a dimension ofA Focus-broad or narrow.

Merchandise distinction ( wide )

Cost leading ( wide )

Market cleavage ( narrow )

Organizational Structure- This deals with the house ‘s rate of the new merchandise development andA concern theoretical account invention. It asks whether the company is on the cutting border of engineering and concern invention. There are three types:


Close followings

Late followings

Organizational Structure- In this strategy we ask the inquiry, “ How should the house grow? ” There are a figure of different ways of replying that inquiry, but the most common gives four replies:

Horizontal integrating

Vertical integrating



A more elaborate strategy uses the classs





Marketing warfare strategiesA – This strategy draws analogues between marketing schemes and military schemes.

Strategic theoretical accounts

Marketing participants frequently employ strategic theoretical accounts and tools to analyse selling determinations. When get downing a strategic analysis, theA 3CsA can be employed to acquire a wide apprehension of the strategic environment. AnA Ansoff MatrixA is besides frequently used to convey an organisation ‘s strategic placement of theirA selling mix. TheA 4PsA can so be utilized to organize a selling program to prosecute a defined scheme.

There are many companies particularly those in the Consumer Package Goods ( CPG ) market that adopt the theory of running their concern centred on Consumer, Shopper & A ; Retailer needs. Their Selling sections spend quality clip looking for “ Growth Opportunities ” in their classs by placing relevant penetrations ( both mentalities and behaviors ) on their mark Consumers, Shoppers and retail spouses. These Growth Opportunities emerge from alterations in market tendencies, section kineticss altering and besides internal trade name or operational concern challenges. The Marketing squad can so prioritise these Growth Opportunities and get down to develop schemes to work the chances that could include new or altered merchandises, services every bit good as alterations to the 7Ps.

Real-life selling

Real-life selling chiefly revolves around the application of a great trade of common-sense ; covering with a limited figure of factors, in an environment of imperfect information and limited resources complicated by uncertainness and tight timescales. Use of classical selling techniques, in these fortunes, is necessarily partial and uneven.

Therefore, for illustration, many new merchandises will emerge from irrational procedures and the rational development procedure may be used ( if at all ) to test out the worst non-runners. The design of the advertisement, and the packaging, will be the end product of the originative heads employed ; which direction will so test, frequently by ‘gut-reaction ‘ , to guarantee that it is sensible.

For most of their clip, selling directors use intuition and experience to analyse and manage the composite, and alone, state of affairss being faced ; without easy mention to theory. This will frequently be ‘flying by the place of the bloomerss ‘ , or ‘gut-reaction ‘ ; where the overall scheme, coupled with the cognition of the client which has been absorbed about by a procedure of osmosis, will find the quality of the selling employed. This, about natural direction, is what is sometimes called ‘coarse selling ‘ ; to separate it from the refined, aesthetically delighting, signifier favoured by the theoreticians.


3.0- SWOT Analysis of Marketing Department

StrengthsA in the SWOT Analysis are attributes or features within the organisation that are considered to be of import to the executing and ultimate success of the undertaking. Examples of strengths that are frequently cited are factors such as experient direction, province of the art fabrication installations, and a solid net income line already in topographic point.

WeaknessesA in the SWOT Analysis expression have to make with internal factors that could forestall the accomplishment of a successful consequence to the undertaking. Factors such as a weak internal communicating system, unhealthy degrees of competition between sections, deficiency of natural stuffs, and unequal support for the undertaking are frequently cited as failings that can endanger to derail a undertaking before it even begins.

The 3rd categorization of factors in the SWOT analysis isA Opportunities. This categorization has to make with external elements that will turn out helpful in accomplishing the ends set for the undertaking. Factors of this type could be the positive perceptual experience of the company by the general populace, a web of sellers who are willing to work with the company to accomplish success with the undertaking, and market conditions that will assist to do the undertaking desirable to the market at big, or at least a important section.

Last, the concluding indispensable constituent for the SWOT Analysis isA Threats. Here, external factors that could endanger the success of theA concern ventureA or undertaking are listed and addressed. Among the possible menaces that will be critical to any SWOT analysis is a negative public image, the deficiency of sellers who can provide natural stuffs for the undertaking, and no readymade market for the concluding merchandise of the undertaking.


The company has a really good balanced and realistic inducement plan. It besides focuses on giving extra benefits to its employees apart from the basic wage. This consequences in employees giving their “ Heart and Soul ” in working for their employer.

The Marketing patterns greatly heighten its image as a company that wants to lend towards the society in every possible manner. As the chief focal point is on developing better image non merely to sale its merchandises. Description of every merchandise is written in its manual whereas the rivals do n’t make so this thing consequences in addition of client trueness and besides net incomes.


Marketing section lacks staff and it is really hard for the Marketing Manager to make the right things for their organisation and it takes much clip for normal working of the organisation.

The Marketing Department is non up to the grade for the proper selling system and execution of that system. Gondal Group of Industries uses old methods of selling patterns.

Gondal Group of Industries do n’t decently publicize their merchandises on popular Television channels. Due to miss of advertisement activities most of the consumers do n’t cognize what to purchase from Gondal and how to purchase and besides where to purchase. These all things should be told in the advertizement and the advertizement should be played on popular Television channels and on wireless F.M. the latest engineering of media should be used to publicizing the merchandises of Gondal Group of Industries.

Marketing Department has non functioning merchandises packing plan. All the merchandises are delivered to the clients without proper packaging. There should be a proper packaging for all the merchandises and that should be attractive so that it could increase attraction and besides the clients. The employees are working along with their concise and conservative cognition. There are no refresher classs for their preparation. Due to this employees feel hard to put their on the job environment.

Employees have developed a psychological science that publicity standards & A ; processs of the Marketing Department of the company are non justified.

Here is a deficiency of wages and proper inducements for the manual workers. The employees working more expeditiously and efficaciously are having the same wagess as the others. These efficient employees are besides non obliged with some grasp.

Employees are go forthing the occupations, so that is why there is a deficiency of experient employees in the organisation, which leads to a deficit in production.

The working hours for the labour are non right and accurate. The on the job hours are so much awkward that the labour force feels so much effort, after continuously working.

There are frequent struggles among the labourers which causes arrest of work and which finally lead to shortfall in production.

The governments assigned to the workers are being misused by them. Possibly the employees are utilizing the company ‘s resources for their ain involvement and misapplying the authorization assigned to them.

There is a deficiency of co-ordination among employees. Employees are non in good interchanging their thoughts, methods of production and their accomplishment among each other so that their thoughts are reserved to merely a individual individual and the whole system is non basking it.

There is an wrong assignment of work in the organisation. The occupations assigned to the workers do non fit with their accomplishments, mental every bit good as physical capablenesss, which finally leads to short autumn in production.

The employees have adopted the fulfilling behaviour due to which they are non working as planning, and are merely lead oning the direction.


There are a figure of chances that are available in countries of Marketing for Gondal Group of Industries during the class of their hereafter activities. These are:

The company can detect great possible through the hereafter graduates as every coevals is being taught in more effectual mode that leads to break growing. Bing a turning company in the employment rankings of Pakistan Gondal Group of Industries can enroll the “ pick of alumnuss ” every twelvemonth and use their improved cognition and abilities.

There is an chance to make the best image of the company in the head of clients by adding the value added services.

The company should besides utilize hoardings for their advertisement which is a really popular and common manner of advertisement now a yearss and the company should utilize it.

With the enlargement in the company concern in Pakistan, the Marketing section can be expended in order to pull off diverseness of work force.


There are besides many menaces that can b faces to Gondal Group of Industries Marketing section. Which are given below?

Due to come ining of new companies in industry the competition has been enhanced. Like other countries marketing sections is confronting the menace of clients exchanging from Gondal Group of Industries to other companies. The large and regular clients are being attracted by the other companies & A ; transnational companies. This is all due to proper selling, the company with proper selling section practising all the selling regulations and ordinances non merely attracts the client but besides creates loyal clients for itself which is a really good mark for that company.

The company is presently moving upon the policy of downsizing which threaten the environment of the bank Employees feel insecurity in making their occupations and work, therefore impacting the overall public presentation of employees negatively.



Following are some recommendations for Gondal Group of Industries, which I personally feel can be utile for the organisation, its employees and the clients. And which helps the organisation to better its effectivity and efficiency in extremely competitory universe.

The Marketing section should be huge.

There should be developing centres for employees and workers. In developing refreshing classs should be equal and more frequent. Advanced preparation should b given to employees which enhance their accomplishments. Marketing Department may advice and develop employees for one window operation in order to cut down the clip and conserve the resources. Executives and employees should be trained on uninterrupted footing to give them knowledge about the current market tendencies and new selling constructs.

The promotional standards by the Marketing Department should be defined and be as per regulations.

The proper and competitory rating of the methods and processs adopted by other rivals will heighten the public presentation of Marketing Department. Gondal Group of Industries should utilize all the techniques and methods that are required by a large house like that to manage all its Selling activities in an efficient mode.

This is the epoch of Information Technology. The maps and processs of the Company should be converted from manual to the automatic. It will heighten the public presentation of the Marketing Department and finally of the company Marketing Department should apportion resources for this intent.

Pay bundles may be revised in the visible radiation of net income earned by the organisation.

Gondal Group of Industries has a formal environment which can be changed to more relax and friendly environment.

To set up nucleus competency and to convey fight, Gondal Group of Industries should implement legion effectual selling programs to better the public presentation of its assorted sections. Supervisors must pull off employee public presentation good in order for Gondal Group of Industries to carry through its mission and accomplish its ends.

There should be effectual communicating system.Establishing and keeping effectual communications with each Employee non merely requires good unwritten and written communications Skills, but it besides includes the ability to set up good working Relationships. To pass on efficaciously with employees, Supervisors must set up an environment that promotes an unfastened Door atmosphere, the sharing of thoughts, and employee engagement in determination devising procedures.

When the Marketing director is traveling to fix the Selling Plan he must acquire information about work to employees that will it be easy for employees to make work efficaciously.

Employees should be known that what is expected to them and how it will be measured. So KPA ‘s and public presentation steps should be good communicated to employees.

Credible steps of public presentation that employees understand and accept are critical for accomplishing high degree public presentation. Measuring employee achievements, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative steps, provides the information that supervisors and employees need in order to supervise public presentation.

Feedback should inform, edify, and suggest betterments to employees sing their public presentation. Supervisors should depict specific work related behaviour or consequences they observe as near to the event as possible.

Using their coaching accomplishments, supervisors evaluate and address the developmental demands of their employees and assist them choose diverse experiences to derive necessary accomplishments. Supervisors and employees create development programs that might include preparation, new assignment, occupation enrichment, self study or work inside informations

Competences should be discernible, mensurable Patterns of accomplishments, cognition, abilities, behaviours and other Features that an single demands to execute work functions or Occupational maps successfully.

Gondal Group of Industries must apportion high budget for selling activities.

For on-line Resume entry clip to clip to hold first-class application pool non merely at the clip of Job place

Give item for every advertizement of occupation chances along with item about occupation description and calling way, position of advertised occupation chances along with compensation bundles to attest possible campaigners because this all non possible through newspaper advertizement and we have competitory border of offering first-class compensation bundle to Mgt. Trainees so we should acquire benefit of this strength.

There should be complete pre-defined plan along with orientations faculties and contents supposed to be highlighted and discussed by every section. Marketing section require to develop Orientation plan and specific class contents for every section along with section directors, discussed and highlighted during orientation preparation and upgraded with the transition of clip every bit for as alterations takes topographic point. And should be handover to every section and its one transcript will stay to Marketing section orientation plan file


The six hebdomads spent in Gondal Group of Industries, ( By-pass ) Gujrat were, no uncertainty a beginning of great acquisition for me. It ‘s my quite first experience to make work practically in some organisation. This practical preparation plan did non merely assist me to get tonss of cognition about the prevailing maps performed by company, but besides imparted a batch of preparation as respects the set of behavioural traits which distinguish a peculiar individual from the remainder of the batch in a professional environment. All from the above treatment I conclude that Gondal Group of Industries Company is confronting direct competition with many trade names assembled by different companies.

No uncertainty Gondal Group of Industries is a hello tech company but the on the job substances are the human being.It goes without stating that Marketing are the most of import in the organisation and so does the Marketing Department.It integrate all the activities and maps of the company like merchandise fabrication, packaging, advertisement, client feedback, planing attractive wadding of the merchandise, uninterrupted betterment in the merchandise harmonizing to the demands and wants of clients. Marketing Department plays the cardinal function in the merchandise, topographic point, invention, monetary value of the merchandise and publicity of the employees really it assign the specified responsibilities to the specified individuals in this age of specialisation. Selling director should be good intimate and confident in his field. He should be humanize, good natured and have go face reading capablenesss.All this ensures his success.He should be of the impression “ triumph is non everything but the manner of combat is ” .

Another celebrated selling citation is

“ Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it ask foring to look at. Make it fun to read. ”

All sections are working together and they want to make a work environment in which employees can better their heads, continuously learn, gain professional growing and experience inspired by likewise motivated persons. Gondal Group of Industries takes pride in supplying the best possible working environment. Particularly the selling section is being improved at a really fast velocity and shortly it will be best in concern. The company is engaging more professional and hardworking selling experts to better their selling section and their selling program, so that the company could acquire some more fame and popularity among clients and go a solid dainty for its rivals. They take a changeless involvement in 1s advancement by carry oning ratings and offering the support and resources one demands.


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