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“The immersion into the abyss of humiliation

“The Pianist” is
a historical film by Roman Polanski, who was awarded the “Golden Palm” in 2002
and two “Oscar” awards for the best director and best actor, because film can
boast a star-studded cast – Adrien Brody. 
A film can do a commendable job translating the book to the screen. The
film is based on the autobiographical book “The Pianist”, a World War II memoir
by the Polish-Jewish pianist and composer W?adys?aw Szpilman.

The film is
clearly divided into two parts. In the first part, the viewer is presented with
a picture painting the suffering of Jews during the war, their slow immersion
into the abyss of humiliation and offence. The life of all Jews is changing:
they are placed in the Warsaw ghetto, they are forbidden to work, they are
forced to wear special distinctive bandages, and after a while they are sent to
a concentration camp. The streets were crowded with corpses of people. Fear is
one of the main themes of the film. Fear is hidden in inaction, in the obedience
of the Jews, who made it possible for them to move to the Warsaw ghetto and
their deportation. People, like animals, were put into carriages and they did
not resist, because they were afraid. The film makes you think about the value
of life. During the movie, the viewer must feel this war, illness, hunger, fear
and tension.

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The second part
describes the moment of escape of Vladek Szpilman from the train. From this
moment the film portrays a man locked inside his fears. Now Szpilman’s beaten
life is shown in emptiness and loneliness. The director perfectly shown in the
film the period of the war, but its main theme is not the war. The main theme
is about a person who was completely alone in the heart of a crowded city.

Polanski made a
brilliant film about the war. The film received many different awards, but the
statuettes are not the main thing. The main thing is to show viewers what
people over live during the war and remember those tragic days. It is a
masterpiece of its kind. The film is well worth seeing. 


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