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The world right now is in war and is fighting.  Today in the world it is a scary place for some people to even turn on their news feeds because of the war we are faced to see.  Wondering how warfare as increased or stayed the same in history, I looked at parts the world I was most interested in. In short is there a connection with the past and today? What I am trying to learn about from the past, is that we do not go through history and repeat it. The thought of history repeating itself, scares me into wondering about the many societies around the earth and what would happen if they fell into disarray.  There were many warfare benefits of these old civilizations in fact some of their warfare tactics are used in today’s society. For Aztec, Inca, Chinese, East Asia, and Southeast Asia warfare advancements helped benefit them in many ways.  For the Aztec they used their large number of monarch controlled military to develop these remarkable urban cities, these cities meant a large controlled agriculture, which in turn meant a bountiful amount of good and food for all.  The Inca’s used heavy costumes in which stones and wooden arrows couldn’t pierce it.  The Inca’s used wooden shields, slings, and sometimes bows.  “Inca prosperity and military strength depended on vast herds of llamas and alpacas, which provided food and clothing as well as transport for goods, but they gained access to corn, cotton, and other goods from the coastal region via forced exchanges.” (Page 326) The Chinese greatest warfare benefit is when the Song made gunpowder, which we all know if this hadn’t of been invented we wouldn’t be able to use our guns today.  East Asia made a new type of warrior class known as “samurais” which are known even still today as being one of the greatest set of warrior classes.  South Asia used instead of pack horses used elephants in warfare which meant a larger scale of damage on the battlefield as well as it takes more arrows to hurt an elephant than a horse.  Southeast Asia also used weapons made from bamboo which can be stronger than some woods other civilizations had.    Aztec, Inca, Chinese, East Asia, and Southeast Asia didn’t just have benefits in warfare they also had no benefits at all too in some things.  Powerful Aztec warfare gave power to men but as for women it wasn’t even close to being the same.  Aztec women were held different in lots of ways women were seen as just domesticated, weavers, and who some could be teachers however they weren’t fighters.  The warfare of the Inca wasn’t new it was all the same things other civilizations had invented before the Incas, this is their no benefit.  The downfall of the Chinese’s gunpowder was that it was a very short range which limited them to defensive uses.  East Asia most of the military warfare was improved upon the Tang military which was the Chinese military so East Asia didn’t really have something new either.  For having elephants and bamboo weapons Southeast Asia didn’t have strong gear for their armies, their armies were shirtless which is basically like sending naked men on the battlefield this is definitely warfare with no benefit.Modern warfare in my opinion hasn’t been a positive one for people.  Chemical weapons made in World War I are just horrible can you image what old civilizations would of thought of if someone would of told them, “There is a gas that you can’t see, smell, or hear, but it will kill you in minutes or even seconds.”  All of these old civilizations would have thought that this was the end of the world, that this must be a weapon from a god.As tensions around the globe tighten, people are becoming increasingly fearful of the nuclear tension between North Korea and the United States of America. 1% of the population around the entire world are preparing for an end of the world, nuclear fight. I, myself and part of that number. Slowly I have been gathering items that would be needed in a survival situation, in case that day were to come, at least I can say that I would  be prepared. I have had many people give me the strangest looks, when I go into Habour Freight and walk up to the cashier with tarps, rope,  bungie cords and magnetic flashlights in my hands. “Kim, in contrast, already presides over an arsenal that U.S. intelligence agencies believe contains as many as 60 nuclear warheads. Some uncertainty still exists about whether North Korea can successfully mount those weapons on a missile capable of hitting the continental United States, but history cautions against wishful thinking.” (Foreign Affairs) The quote from the article, the thought of North Korea having that many warheads is insane, but knowing that the they are staying in the air longer and longer is the frightening part. This to me is scary and makes me think that an end of the world, nuclear style, could eventually happen in my lifetime.  In our history right now in the US modern warfare has shown us that counter-terrorism strategies are ineffective.  This type of warfare goes on for years and sometimes decades.  It costs countries a large cost not only with resources, money it also costs lots of lives.  This method of fighting fire with fire isn’t the right way to deal with any violence yet we stand for it, why is that?  We seem to let this large government make choices with the military for us yet I don’t think it’s the right way of doing this.  When we look back at the history of the Aztec, Inca, Chinese, East Asia and Southeast Asia they truly all had a real reason for war it was mainly for land or a right to continue to live where they are.  These old civilizations fought just to survive and live in peace, and today’s societies fight for little to pointless matters.  I still don’t know the real underlying reason why we are still fighting over seas right now. Maya civilization also fought for their land, and for the sacrifices that they would obtain to appease their gods. The victories of the Maya were very brutal, the text states, “…the victory of the ruler, who wears an elaborate headdress and a jacket made from jaguar skin. He relentlessly thrusts his spear downward and grasps the hair of the prisoner whose outstretched hand implores his captor.”(Voyages in World History, pg 130) War has always been very bloody, and in all of the wars throughout the history of the world, people have died and been killed. In conclusion


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