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The Soda EffectA Study of The Effect of Soda on The  BodyA’marie DukesPhysical ScienceMr.LoydJanuary 2018       This entire paper consists of  the introduction,materials and methods,the results,the conclusion,the discussion,acknowledgement,and finally the reference page.The purpose of this experiment is to show just how disgusting the things that you put in your body are. What was believed to happen is for the meat to be eaten by the acid in the drink and for it to be discolored. Procedures to be followed is to get several containers, several different brands of soda, fill the containers with the desired soda, label the containers by which soda had poured in,  slice the meat through the middle (not fully) place selected meats into the soda filled containers and place the lids on and slide all of the containers into the refrigerator for desired days. The hypothesis proposed was not all correct and a few parts left out so the meat was discolored and not deteriorated however the soda itself separated and now there’s a  light area at the top and at the bottom is the dye and what looks like dirt. This proves more just how disgusting the stuff is.           When it comes to the quenching of your thirst most people reach for a soda,however,what they don’t know is what they’re putting into their bodies.That sweet flavor that first hits your tastebuds? High Fructose Corn Syrup. The strong taste? Phosphoric Acid.Bisphenol-A (BPA) is what they use to harden the soda bottle, it’s not even supposed to be part of the soda and it’s harming your body.        The first source is Top Ten Home Remedies This site had explained the toxic ingredients in soda, where it affects your body and how, it helps to just know what your people are going to deal with if you are going to help them. Next up is Wellness Mama  Here it begins to explain why you shouldn’t drink soda, and how it ruins the human body.It’s good to know how the other side of things so that you’d be aware of what’s sloshing around in your body. Lastly we have is Natural News  this is an article about the well known brand of soda Pepsi. It speaks of Pepsi’s admittance of having ‘Cancer Causing Ingredients’ the said that all sodas that contain what is known as carcinogens should have cancer warning labels on the bottle. This information could be used to at least stop them from getting this severe disease.      The simple solution that would be believed to work out the best is within the labels literally. By putting the health risks on the soda label it’ll help greatly reduce the amount of people falling ill from these drinks. It’s so simple many check out the label any way to look a the calories or to make sure they have the right one. However the warning label must be directly under the brand’s logo not too small.My manipulated variable that will be tested is the soda, cola sprite ,etc. The expected results is for the meat to kind of get eaten by the acid of the drink. Too many are falling victim to the acidic qualities of soda, so what is to be tested is just how badly soda will affect the raw meat. What is expected to happen is for the meat to be misshapen and discolored. This because the acid will keep nipping at it and because of the dye.  Materials and MethodsFour Plastic Containers (2in Tall 6in Wide)Four different types of soda(Coca Cola,Sprite,Diet Coke,Dr.Pepper)The Lids for the specified containerRefrigeratorMethodsTake the four containers and lids and lay them outRinse and dry the containersLay some raw meat in the dry containersAdd a different soda to each containerLabel the containers based on which containers you put the soda inAfter Labeling put the lid on the container(to keep it from becoming flat)Place all the containers into the refrigerator(for desired days)            Results                 The data in the graphs and charts will be explaining the measured amounts of soda used, the size of the meat,the period of time the meat was submerged in the soda, the thickness at the beginning and at the end.Table 1. International System Derived Unit with a Specific Name                                            Quantity                     Name                         Symbol                Units                                                                                  Volume                  Cubic Meters                    V                         m3Table 2. Graph     What was calculated was the amount of Citric acid in the drinks I used.Citric acid isn’t bad for you the more the better.Seeing Sprite had the most it is the least harmful soda for you to drink along with other clear sodas.Coca-Cola has a bit of Citric acid, but it also contains Phosphoric acid,Carbonic acid,and hydrochloric acid. Dr.Pepper as well as Pepsi does not contain Citric acid.Conclusion       What was figured to happen was for the meat to have a different hue and for it to be deteriorated. However the meat wasn’t  damaged and the soda itself separated. This was not part of the original plan but it just goes to show how disgusting it is. But it shouldn’t be flat out there yet the evidence goes to show just what is out there would you drink,and incase most hadn’t noticed human beings are terrifying they’d almost anything if asked. Not all of the sodas separated or reacted like the Sprite. The drink was just clouded but that’s because the fats on the meat came off a little.The other things noticed was the small clear  shreds of what is believed to be meat floating around in the substance.   


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