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The Most Meaningful Thing Essay

There is one book calls The Giver, the community is a utopia for everyone in there. Jonas is the main character. The utopia is perfect to everyone in the community. Everything is under control. There is no war or fear or pain. There are no choices. Every person is assigned a role in the community. When Jonas turns twelve, he is singled out to receive special training from the Giver. The Giver alone holds the memories of the true pain and pleasure of life. It’s time for Jonas to receive the truth.

The time goes by, Jonas got one year training for receive, he realizes memory is the most meaningful thing, because they need it to understand the experience in their life. In The Giver’s utopia, people don’t have any memory. As Jonas said, they can’t help it, they know nothing without memories. That’s the life created for the community. By the way, Jonas received the exactly memories from the Giver, there were pain, happiness, mad and so on. He noticed that his own community did not have memories.

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They even did not understand the experience in life. That’s truly sad. Love is a unique memory, but people in the community missed this memory. Only the people had this memory feel love is special. Jonas just knew that he had grandparents, and that like looking at himself looking in a mirror looking at himself looking in a mirror. Jonas hesitated. “I certainly liked the memory, though. I can see why it’s your favorite. I could not quite get the word for the whole feeling of it, the feeling that was so strong in the room. (125) Jonas got a new memory about love in the family, but he thought it is foolish to say this is love first. But next, the Giver looked up suddenly. “ Jonas, I gave you a memory that I told you was my favorite. I still have a shred of it left. The room, with the family, and grandparents. ”(141) In this scene, the Giver was talking to Jonas about his favorite memory. As the Giver mentioned, his favorite memory is love. Jonas had well been understand it is a wonderful feeling, too.

That’s what the Giver felt for Rosemary, his daughter. The Giver loved her as the Giver felt it to Jonas. Unfortunately without memories, absolutely they will not feel like it in that way. That’s how important to have the memories. The people in their community did not receive any of memories, thus, that’s why every children’s parents used enjoy them instead used love. It was totally different meaning. In the community, being parents with memories to understand the experience of love is a great thing to their children.

People who had no memories to understand experience is regrettable, the most regrettable thing they did not understand by without memories is war. By the time Jonas was receiving the memory of war, the noise continued all around, the cries of the wounded men, the cries begging for water and for Mother and for death. Horses lying on the ground shrieked, raised their heads, and stabbed randomly toward the sky with their hooves. (119) The war was horrible, and Jonas still received memories on the bed, from the distance, Jonas could hear the thud of cannons.

Overwhelmed by pain, he lay there in the fearsome stench for hours, listened to the men and animals die, and learned what warfare meant. (120) Jonas thought war was cruel, and he figured out that’s the main cruel pain. Once, Jonas found out his friend who did not have the memory of war, they treated war was a game, and just have fun in playing with it. The war is totally bad and even harmful. It can be destroying everything, children separate with their parents, death rate increase, no shelter for people, and so on.

It was totally different kind of people in having memories and not in the community. Memories is the most important thing, people in that utopia need it to understand the experience. If they do not have it, their life could be disordered. For example, the same in our society, if we get in trouble once, then we get the memory of it. In the next time, we will not get in the same trouble again by gain the memory from the first time. Thus, I hope the people in the community can keep the memories in their mind, it would be helpful.


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