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The United States of America has always been considered the home of the brave and the land of the free. The United States has even been named the “melting pot” which means races and etc can come together as equals without feeling inferior or superior. This idea of social unity, the forces that hold a society together as a connected group, is what we as the people of America strive for. Although America strives to have this cohesive group, there are still divisions.  There are many groups in the US today that have privileges that another group does not have. Privilege can be defined as a special right, advantage, available only to a particular person or group of people. An example of this is when white people have certain invisible privileges solely because they are white. If a cop pulls over a white person, most likely that person can be sure they haven’t been singled out because of their race. This situation shows a perfect example of how whites have invisible privileges.There are definitely some races who if put in the same situation would feel singled out because of their race.  Although whites are not the only ones who have these guaranteed privileges, other races and ethnicities do as well. During all of history, every race and ethnicity has experienced a time when they had privileges in favor or against their race. Even though social unity is a priority,  divisions implemented by society contributes to the difficulty of holding everyone together as a cohesive group. Almost Everyone in the US has either been denied or been given a privilege whether it be based on your gender, status, or appearance. The fact Invisible privileges still exist depending on a person’s ethnicity is the reason why social unity is hard to get a hold of.As invisible privileges are being passed along, people are promoting the idea that those particular racial or ethnic groups get an upper hand at anything. In order to attain social togetherness, this country must understand that race should not be a deciding factor in anything.This way everyone can finally get to that point where anyone and everyone is treated the same because of who they are and not because of their race, gender, ethnicity and etc.


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