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The of Production’ is a concept featured

The start of Hollywood golden era can be traced back to the establishment
of sound in film, when Warner Bros released the first audible feature film The Jazz Singer (1927). Before the
novelty of sound cinema, seeing the picture itself was seen as a technological
feat, but like all technology, the phenomenon faded. Therefore, the emergence
of sound and enhanced technology, gave the industry a chance to explore a whole
new medium, engrossing audiences through dramatic narratives, involving likable
stars overcoming improbable odds. At the peak of the Hollywood’s golden age, up
to 80 million people went to view at least 1 film a week.

Since its inception, the mode of production in Hollywood has
been ever-changing, beginning with the cameraman, to singlehandedly distribute
the films they shot. This then changed in 1907, when it became the director’s job
to handle the film distribution. ‘Mode of Production’ is a concept featured
communist manifesto, the work of Karl Marx (1818-1883) and Friedrich Engels
(1820-1885), and plays a substantial role in Marx’s communist theory. Mode of
production refers to the anything that feeds into the production necessities of
life, and how humans cooperatively generate means of survival through the use
of productive forces i.e. labour, instruments and raw materials which in turn
enhances humanity’s social being. 

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