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The of programmes including the channel’s flagship

The journalist I really
admire and look up to is Ravish Kumar who is an Indian TV anchor,
writer and journalist. He is a senior executive editor at NDTV India,
the Hindi news channel of the NDTV news
network and hosts a number of programmes including the channel’s flagship
weekday show Prime Time, Hum Log and Ravish Ki Report. He usually covers
topics pertaining to Indian politics and society. He has received many laurels
and accolades in the field of journalism.

The thing that attracts me is his way of emotionally
connecting with content, which looks un-doubtable.  His shows on NDTV have a purely unbiased
touch and he makes no qualms about accepting on live TV that there’s nothing fruitful to come out of this
debate. His starting monologue is one of the best bits found on daily
journalism of that day. The simplicity and serenity in his language is splendid.  He presents the show in a gracious way when
conducting debates and does in depth analysis about any report. In addition to
that the topic of debates is interesting and his way of concluding is

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I am an avid listener to his shows and follow him on
social media as well. He often raises his voice against injustice of society
and the common man. He recently raised the issue on Gorakhpur tragedy and the lack of coverage in it. BRD Medical College
made headlines due to the death of over 70 children due to encephalitis.  The report suggested that the children died
after the hospital’s liquid oxygen supply was cut since it failed to pay dues
to the supplier. Ravish tried to highlight the challenges faced in India’s
underfunded public health system, where successive governments had failed to
address the acute shortage of staff and clinics. He further raised the problems
compounded by cases of shoddy medical treatment. It was a tough situation since
the journalists were not given any information regarding the death toll and
causes of deaths. The health officials felt that they would lose their jobs if
they disclose the causes. Ravish expressed his discontentment and said that
information sharing was the right of the media and there ought to be
transparency whatsoever.




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