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The other person to meet candidate, instead

     The interview
process is important for the company because finding a suitable person for the
vacant position is necessary. The interview is generally in person.  An Interview is the first opportunity an
employer to get know the candidate.

     The first stage
is a phone interview. Hiring manager will contact the applicants. This is also
use for screening candidates for a future interview, where companies ask from
applicants their qualifications and general attitude towards the job. The main
purpose is to narrow down the number of applicants to be invited to first

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   The businesses are
doing group interviews, this is to eliminate applicants, especially, when
company doing big recruitment day. This can include different roles plays,
where they put candidate’s different situations, which they would be. This tool
is been used, when company is filling up many positions.

   First interview is first in-person interview
that is usually face-to-face is typically between the applicant and manager.
This gives business to meet potential employer to meet applicant first time.
The interviewer will ask questions about the applicant experience, goals,
qualifications, work history and personal work history. During this time
business employer would screening your attitude and skills. Company also evaluate
if applicant can to the job and how would applicant fit in the organisation.

   Second interview
is held in business with the candidates who, pass through first interview
stage. This stage applicants are meeting with higher management, who will doing
further interview with the candidates.

   Final stage is job offer and background check.
This stage business checking the applicants background and get reference from
previous employers.



 The Ambassadors

      The Ambassadors
Bloomsbury is doing the phone interview to ask questions from the applicants in
generally. Hotel is inviting the applicants to the interview, this is their
first opportunity to meet the further candidate for the job.

      This interview
is held usually with two people and the applicants. `They will ask different
questions about the job, goals and discussing different situation that can up
in the hotel. Ambassadors Bloomsbury hotel do check how the person is example:
time keeping, if applicant arriving on time. They expect candidate would arrive
ten minute early prior interview time. They also send to meet other person to
meet candidate, instead the person who is doing interview. Purpose for that is
to see how applicant is reacting or behaving with people. During the how would
the applicant dealt with difficult customer. This also gives potential
employers to see how the applicant is and how would their attitude towards to
the job. Ambassadors Bloomsbury is asking competition questions, what other
search they search they have done. They explaining the role candidate have been
applied, going through cv.

     The Ambassadors
Bloomsbury is doing second interview, this usually takes place between general
manager and the applicant. On this stages general manager asking different
question from the applicant. Also this is the last interview, that hotel is
doing, after that general manager gives his/her go ahead who to hire. General
manager also recapping things from previous interview, but also asking
different questions.



ambassador Bloomsbury hotel we have various selection during interviews and
recruiting a candidate for the ideal role.

      Firstly, we need to establish which
candidate is suitable for the role by looking at a candidate’s performance,
specific skill, knowledge and experience. These are usually categorised in
these four areas.

       To try to understand if the candidate
fits these four areas, we then look at other areas that link to these requirements.
This could be from how ones behavioural in nature and those that may be
technical. The technique requirements refer to specific skills, expertise or
experience that the position demands. For example, if we were to hire a maintained
employee for the hotels computers we will look at the technical side of things,
this may be that is the ideal candidate able to monitor and maintain the
computer systems and networks with in the organisation. Behavioural
requirements relate to how a person needs to act in order to complete a given
responsibilities. These are usually aimed at duty manager roles with in the
hotel, to see if they are well organised, self-motivated and have attention to
detail. Behavioural requirements also relate to good communication skills. It
could also relate to body language and how one listens to complaints and solve
issues effectively

      When recruiting for front of house or
food & beverage we usually should tend to see talents with in the hotel.
This results to one of our weakness. This could also save us time and money
during the process. It could also lead to losing employees who want to be
promoted from food and beverage to front of house. It then builds up pressure and
frustration with in the management. And shows that certain areas or
interviewing and recruitment techniques are not up to standards with in the



     The interview
process is important for the company, to make sure business is hiring the best
person for position. There is ways how to improve the process for the business,
because if company do not make right decision it would cost more for

should make candidate not feel stressful, make them feel relax and ease during
the interview. Interview is stressful for the candidate and company should not
to that even more, but not everyone can understand that. Business should make
sure they keep contact with the previous employees, who have left from company,
because you never know when business need talents. This is also good to keep
best terms with the employees.               Company also should create social networking
group one of the sites like Facebook or LinkedIn keep in touch with previous
employees. Doing that this would help the candidate be them self, this brings
out their best availability, what business would looking for. Business would
lose good candidate if they stress out the applicant, and that could cost time
and money to recruiting process.

   The biggest problem
that business can be face is to put wrong people on the interviewing the
potential applicants. Firstly they should make sure they will need to train the
people who would be qualified to interview the applicants. If person do not
know how make the interview, can be fatal for the business, because they could
miss potential talent they wanted to hire. Firstly train people to make
interviews. Secondly business should prepare the questions that they use can
use during the interview and they also make sure all some questions are used
with all the applicants. Using questions during the interview will help
evaluate the candidate and if person is right for the job.

business should considering improving the practice for the hiring manager or managers
providing more structure or guideline 
set up the target asking appropriate questions from applicants. This
would help rate them accordingly and they would hire right person. This would
help business save time, because interview process is long and time consuming.
Set in up the guideline and training people to too the interviews would help
organisation more effectively proceed the recruitment process. 

   Using more
effective selection method, business need to make sure they match with skills,
abilities, or knowledge to be evaluate the applicants. This will help
organisation make sure business hires person they looking for, but this have to
set up by organisation. This would save time and money for company.

   Hiring process should be measured effectively,
because if the organisation has a few critical hiring metrics, make sure this
have been set up, like time, cost and sourcing effectiveness. This method would
show the organisation how efficient and cost-effective hiring process is, which
source is create the most candidates, good hires, quality of candidates that
organisation need.


The Ambassadors Bloomsbury Hotel

need to make sure they hire right person, because the cost of hire ring wrong
person is costly, time consuming. 
Recruiting the wrong person can cost the business lots of money, plus
the time that business have spent to train new person, who is not fit for the
positions. When company have realising they hired wrong person, business have
to repeat recruitment and interview process again. This process is long and
costly for company, time of the training.

    People who are
not fit for the job, need more time for training and attention. This also would
reduce the time that manager can train and develop other people in the company.
This would lead to the situation that other employees feel left out and can
lead other can leave, this would rise cost for the company. Employees with
limited capabilities takes time to train and their productivity is slower,
because train and build up their skills it is more time consuming. 

    Poor recruitment
can impact with the client or customer satisfaction, because a wrong decision
can lead to refund for customers. This can be results of poor recruitment.
Business can be desperate to hire new person, without realising hiring right
person cost them time and money. For example; business needed new duty manager,
but they were desperate find new one really quickly. This lead to spending time
to training the person long time, but after a while this was not enough,
because person take it too long to understand the job task. This eventually led
the person left from work.

     Hiring the wrong
person can have an impact on the business and productivity. If the employee
can’t do the job it would impact on other team members and in some cases a
person that has not been hired for that role will end up taking on a responsibility
that another has been hired to do which can then work to an advantage or

      It is important
that the person that is being hired is indeed capable of carrying out the job
role in which they are being employed for and if this does not happen it can
result on an impact with all the team members as some will be demotivated and
in more serious cases will feel that they are struggling and may even result in
stress to certain members and can sometimes result in resignations.  That is why the hiring stage is of great

      This also
causes the company to lose time, money and valuable time to focus on building a
team and resulting in the company having to start the process all over again
which can be time consuming and can cause a huge disruption on the team and a
loss of confidence in management.






interview evaluation form    Date: 03/12/2017

name: Pierre Montfort    
Position requested: Duty
Manager    Date Available: 08/01/2018




Expected answer

Applicant answer



yourself in three words. How do people describe you?

Your professional self. How would you fit in the
Personal interest

I enjoy new challengers, for every task software
I need to use on my work. I have used opera, sihot, Calista and brilliant
hotel software. My co-workers would describe me as hard working and reliable
and team player.

Pierre is really confident how he describe
himself, but even more confident how his co-workers would describe him. We
need person who is quick leaner. Obviously we see how person is, when he is


Why are you leaving your

Bored, looking new challenge. Grow to my career.
Unhappy with old job. Positive answer. New degree.

I’m leaving, because I need new challenge and I
don’t have opportunities to grow in the company. I feel I have reached top
with business and I am looking new challenges. I did not have room to crow,
but my time there is been enjoyable.

The candidate have showing good reason for
leaning previous job. He not critical, but that I understand he do not have
nowhere to grow with career lather. 
Applicant is looking new challenge that he can get with us. This gives
us great opportunity to be sure we can get best candidate that we are looking


What challenges
are you looking for in your new job?

Extra responsibilities on your last job.
Demonstrate your skills and connect to the job requirement. Multitasking,
keeping deadlines.
Develop new skills

I took extra responsibilities with my last job,
to keep myself motivated. With the new job I am looking to grow with the
company. I am multitasking, keeping time with all the deadline.

Pierre have shown that he is not afraid new
challenge and is willing to take extra responsibilities. We can see it’s
important to keep person motivated and busy with a reasonable workload. 


Describe a
difficult situation at work and how you handled it.

What was your first step to calm guest down? What
is the step to solving the problem? What was outcome?

Firstly need to listen the guest and their
problems. Then trying to calm them down and apologise. I will let guest know
the situation after the investigation, because I cannot just jump on
conclusions. Keeping the customer informed all the time. Customer was
satisfied with the results.  

Applicant have clearly good understanding how to
deal with the difficult situation. He to show knowledge and order which way
to solve the issue.
Every guest is different, that can affect the way
how candidate would solve the problem, but overconfident can be downfall.
He do need to listen and have empathy with guest.


What are you
passionate about?

Connect your passion with the job. Also why are
you passionate about, personal drama, or something else?

My passion is traveling and to see different
angel about the customer service or other services, that we could adapt on
our work. During my travel I have seen many options that I have adapted at
work. For example how we can be more polite to the customers. I have also
seen different with higher staff levels.

Candidate is very passionate and proud about the
job he is doing. The knowledge about the hotel and the way it have been run
is incredible.


What are your
goals for the future?

Long-term, involving growing with the business.
Applying your skills to new job. Moving higher management.

My long terms plan is grow with the company and
bring my experience, skills, knowledge, that I can use here. Also to study
different levels of management that would help me to grow inside the company.

Candidate long terms plans are grow with the some
company. We can use his knowledge and skill to improve our services in the


What is your greatest strength/ greatest weakness?

Strong working ethic, writing skills, keeping
deadlines. Years of experience. How you have improved your skills? Positive
light about your weaknesses.

Most important is to keep time and manage the
work load. Prioritising that are most important task first and do it quickly.
Over the years I have took extra English lessons to improve the writing and
communication skills. I think one of my weakness is I analyse to long my work

Candidate have strong work ethic, and belief. His
commitment to improve himself is incredible, especial when is have done extra
English lessons.


Why should we hire you?

Make good match with the job. Bring out your best

I have good management skill that I could use my
skills and management skills in the company. I am keen to improve and
involve, became a great team player.

Candidate show good belief about his management
skill and commitment for the job. Pier is over confident about his abilities.


Do you have any

Day-day operations, about previous person and why
she/he leaving. Management style, issued facing in the company, company
goals, plans. Ideal candidate, qualification I might missing.

Can you explain the day-day operations?
What are the company further plans?
What management style company is using?

Applicant clearly is into the role, because he
did asked exactly the questions related to the job.
The candida is perfect match that we are looking




We offer duty manager position to the Pierre Montfort,
because he is keen and eager to grow with the company. Pierre Montfort have
good personality, competent and keen for the job. Business would benefit for
hiring Pierre because he have good experience, skills and knowledge about job.  


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