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The primary source of such a spontaneous

The universe is a far more complex than anything else, it is an amazing place. Studying the universe will show how science works, this is an adventure and experience that would stay with us forever. In this process we will learn the creation on Earth, the beginning of life, macromolecules hanging in the surrounding air, about genetics, how humans adapt to the surrounding environment, and production of plants on Earth with the help of photosynthesis.                                                                                                                                           Cellular Biology    The life processes that are determined by the structures and functions of biochemical compounds, includes cell organelles ,and body systems. It was confirmed 300 years ago that cells are the most fundamental unit of life. Our life depends on the health and being of the 100 trillion cells in the human body. Every cell in the body is useful, the bacteria in the digestive system helps produce vitamins that are essential. The substances that are present in our everyday lives can affect cellular functions and processes in both positive and negative ways.                                                                                                            Microbiology                                    Many groups of organisms have common characteristics, and these characteristics enables them to interact with other organisms in the environment. Microorganisms can have both positive and negative effects on the environment. Even from the time of the 19nth Century and way back to the Roman times, it was believed that all things that came to life came from nonliving matter, this being said to be dated years back. This was the primary source of such a spontaneous generation. It wasn’t until later that they realised that microorganisms cause infections, that they hoped to find the cure for the diseases that can come with death and destruction all around the world. The technological use of microorganisms raises many ethical issues all over the globe.                                                                   Genetics        Variability and diversity of living organisms result from the distribution of genetic materials during the process of meiosis.  The one goal of stem cell research is to replace those lost due to diseases or damage. Stem cells have the have the ability to renew themselves and the potential to become any of a number of specialized cells. Developments in microscopy                                                                                                                         Anatomy of Mammals                     The human body can be compared to a complex machine, as it has many number of systems that all work together to perform one thing, to help the machine work properly.                                                            Plants in Natural Environment Plants have specialized structures with distinct functions that enables them to respond adapt to their environment.


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