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The Social Performance Of Johnson And Johnson Commerce Essay

In recent old ages, with economic development and the uninterrupted advancement of human demands, the individual quality merchandises and services provide by endeavor can non run into people ‘s outlooks. To run into their stuff demands, people besides have increasing the concern for corporate societal public presentation. Peoples, particularly modern consumers pay attending to all phases of concern operations. For a transnational corporation like Johnson and Johnson, which is considered as the universe ‘s big, well-known medical and wellness attention merchandises and consumer attention merchandises company ( Samina and Will, 2004 ) , any of its actions are capable to the concerns of consumers ; because the societal public presentations of Johnson and Johnson can convey out both positive or negative affect to modern consumers.

Johnson and Johnson as a transnational corporation should be able to take corporate societal duty. Johnson & A ; Johnson ‘s merchandise are diversified and affecting the wellness and personal attention, Johnson & A ; Johnson has made a great part to the human wellness. Yet, Johnson & A ; Johnson ‘s babe bath merchandises detected is non contributing to people ‘s wellness. The U.S. non-profit consumer organisation late released a trial study that Johnson & A ; Johnson ‘s babe bath merchandises contain formaldehyde and “ 1, 4 – dioxin oxide ” and other toxic substances ( Jasmin, 2009 ) . Those toxic substances can do malignant neoplastic disease in animate beings proved by scientific experiments and have been promulgated as likely human carcinogens by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Positive societal public presentation

Johnson & A ; Johnson as an international large-scale endeavor are chiefly bring forthing and advancing high quality wellness merchandises and wellness services. Merchandises are sold in 175 states and parts, production and sale of merchandises related attention merchandises, pharmaceutical merchandises and medical devices and diagnostic merchandises market, and other Fieldss. As a taking supplier of comprehensive wellness attention and family merchandises, Johnson & A ; Johnson is non merely to supply clients with quality merchandises and services ; the company is but besides confer withing with the Department of Health Education, to supply consumers with free wellness attention usher. Johnson & A ; Johnson has created a solid foundation for human wellness life.

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Nursing attention bringing

Johnson & A ; Johnson ‘s day-to-day attention merchandises are popular among consumers. Those day-to-day attention merchandises have their ain features. For illustration, Johnson & A ; Johnson ‘s toilet articless ; the ingredients of Johnson & A ; Johnson ‘s toilet articless includes Water, Sodium Trideceth Sulfate, PEG-150 Distearate, Fragrance, Polyquaternium-10, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate, Tetra Na EDTA, Citric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Quaternium-15, Citric Acid, Yellow 10 and Orange 4. Those ingredients are soap free, hypoallergenic, and skin doctor tested. These preparations have been undetected to add formaldehyde and dioxane which are harmful to worlds. The authoritative NO MORE TEARS expression rinses rapidly and easy, can go forth hair smelling fresh, and looking attractively healthy and glistening. This bland and primary expression of Johnson ‘s Toiletries is pulling both the immature consumers and grownup clients ; because people are tend to take the more comfy and healthier cosmetics such as Johnson & A ; Johnson ‘s Toiletries. Day attention is an of import agencies for people to remain healthy ; Johnson & A ; Johnson can supply rich merchandises to assist people better wellness. This is besides one of positive societal public presentation of Johnson & A ; Johnson.

Plans for public good

More than a century, Johnson & A ; Johnson has been working in the wellness calling field with changeless research and development and invention. Johnson insisted from the position of consumers and society, with sincere, matter-of-fact Johnson & A ; Johnson credo to steer and educate every employee, and actively carries frontward strong corporate citizen duties, to lend their attempts to the community. Today, that spirit and civilization of endeavor have in-depth community and produces a good reverberation. Through a undertaking launched a public service, clip and once more donated money and medical merchandises, Johnson & A ; Johnson affects more than 116,000 world-wide employees as voluntaries for the continued advancement of the societal environment to lend their attempts.

As the spouse theoretical account in the building of societal public assistance, Johnson & A ; Johnson cooperates with a figure of public involvement organisations and government-related organisations, sections to advance the development of human wellness. For illustration, Johnson & A ; Johnson cooperates with the Chinese Red Cross to salvage more leukemia patients ; Johnson & A ; Johnson starts kids ‘s safety instruction plan, seeks to cut down kids ‘s inadvertent hurt ; on a regular basis organize community mental wellness publicity ; in peculiar, it must be noted that Johnson & A ; Johnson provided 10 million RMB worth of hard currency and medical and relief aid to the temblor affected countries at the first clip attention merchandises, when 8.0 temblor effusions in Sichuan, China. The public goods were showing Johnson & A ; Johnson on the desire to progress the cause of human wellness and the publicity of full.

Recruit and protect staff

Johnson & A ; Johnson does non merely be for their ain involvements ; it should presume the duty to the client, employees, society, stockholders and all stakeholders. Therefore, Johnson & A ; Johnson must go on to keep the development and invention, and so Johnson & A ; Johnson needs to enroll big figure of people who have the ability to supplement Johnson & A ; Johnson ‘s strength. Johnson & A ; Johnson prefers to enroll university alumnuss, this action can non merely assist to ease the employment force per unit area, but besides can assist develop a new coevals of society.

Johnson & A ; Johnson ever protects its staff in many ways. There are some ways as follow:

Supplying support plans and services to assist the staff unrecorded healthier and safer lives

Establishing Employee Assistance Program to assist the staff and their households face battles.

Supplying some wellness betterment plans to assist the staff innovate, create, develop and better its merchandises to run into the demands of consumers.

Establishing Healthy Working Environment to guarantee the staff works in good working environment, such as industrial hygiene, toxicology and occupational wellness plans.

Explicating a figure of plans to assist forestall hurts and to guarantee the staff ‘s safety every twenty-four hours.

Negative societal public presentation

Presently, harmonizing to a research carried out in the United States in Mar 15, 2009, methanal and 1, 4-dioxane was found in Johnson & A ; Johnson ‘s Baby Shampoo. Formaldehyde is used to embalm cadavers, and 1, 4-dioxane is a bubbling agent. Both substances are believed to be malignant neoplastic disease hazard for worlds. After the research published, many imposts including some Johnson & A ; Johnson ‘s loyal fans have a uncertainty that whether Johnson & A ; Johnson ‘s Baby Shampoo is toxicant or non. Although it has many advantages, when it does harm to human wellness, it will lose many clients. The consequence more or less influences the gross revenues of the merchandise even this large old trade name. Obviously, this event will do really negative societal public presentation, those Johnson & A ; Johnson ‘s Baby Shampoo will direct injury to people ‘s wellness.

Some organisations ask Johnson & A ; Johnson to take two noxious chemicals. Johnson & A ; Johnson functionary statement ( Salynn, 2009 ) : “ The hint degrees of certain compounds that were noted by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics can ensue from procedures that make our merchandises gentle for babes and safe from bacteria growing. Many regulative bureaus around the universe see these hint degrees safe ” . And Johnson & A ; Johnson besides ( 2009 ) said: “ We want to reassure parents that Johnson ‘s Baby Shampoo and our full babe and childs ‘ merchandises are safe, soft and mild merchandises that they can swear and utilize with assurance. ” When the consumers are more and more insecure for merchandises of concern, the fright will be at hand. In this instance, companies should attach importance to merchandise quality, and to the full guarantee the consumer ‘s right to cognize. Yet, after this allegations that Johnson & A ; Johnson ‘s Baby Shampoo contain carcinogens, some supermarket concatenation pulled Johnson & A ; Johnson ‘s Baby Shampoo and other related merchandises from their shelves.

In add-on to security statement, Johnson & A ; Johnson has taken some active steps. The company has increased 800 client service forces on client service hotline, to explicate and comfort consumers, and published several states, including China, important associations of the event, to assist consumers more comprehensive apprehension of facts.

There is a similar negative societal public presentation for Johnson & A ; Johnson. The US prosecuting officers said that wellness attention giant Johnson & A ; Johnson provide major kickbacks to Omnicare Inc between 1999 and 2004 ( LINDA, 2010 ) , the intent of this action was to sale its blockbuster schizophrenic disorder medical specialty and other drugs to nursing places, because the Omnicare Inc is the state ‘s largest supplier of medical for nursing places ( Trey, 2010 ) . More disturbing was that those blockbuster schizophrenic disorder medical specialty and other drugs was tested to increase hazard of decease for the aged. Johnson & A ; Johnson ‘s response was to take action to remember these drugs, and Johnson & A ; Johnson denied the fact that rebates.


In decision, the societal public presentation of Johnson & A ; Johnson in relation to the human healthy has been intricate. On the one manus, Johnson & A ; Johnson endlessly researches and develops merchandises for human wellness, and actively carries out public public assistance. This is holding profound positive societal public presentation and is doing some stakeholders to hold good opportunity ain healthy ; in add-on, the ways in how Johnson & A ; Johnson recruits and protects staff can besides make positive societal public presentation. On the other manus, the events of Johnson & A ; Johnson ‘s Baby Shampoo and kickbacks made earnestly negative societal public presentation. In a word, Johnson & A ; Johnson should alter the incorrect manner to make more parts to society.


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