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The that people are fools of this

The story, “The Lottery”
tells the about a life of villagers that hold a bad lottery tradition each
year. Even though the story starts with the readers with a bad thing to the community
to compete in a crisis tradition on a very important day, and at the end with a
death of the winner to get stoned by other people that leads them to a
discussion between the people, and continued to be revise in modern days
(Jackson). The “theory that based on the critical perspective of the story on
the reader and his or her perspective” of the text (Parker 314). Jackson
reveals two attitudes on her story, one of them is a position to select a person,
and the second one is the ideas that people are fools of this lottery tradition
that they have each year. Shirley has the theme of a bad tradition and also
uses the symbolism on the story.

            However, the logic that this tradition that the village
has stays it has a fear that the people have to get used to this bad tradition
each year. Society might believe is done away of a bad luck or evil things will
happen to the person. In society people are scared of an approach to very bad
things to the people that live on the village; the author shows a look of a
human nature through the village attitude to the lottery. The men of the
village talk about how they work, and women talk about this day someone or one
of them will die in this lottery tradition day (Jackson 863). The people that
live in the village have many different emotions about this tradition; the fear
on a very brutal lottery that they have each year. The story says (863) “away
from the pile of stones.” This is saying that the people that live in the
village have a fear of the black box and that they can hear their name come out
of the box.

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            Various of things in today’s society do same things as the
villager’s actions, they fear it and then they look for a really bad massacre:
we have to slow down and starred at the accident. Jackson has the best example
of this aspect of the humanity. She requests that most of things she receives
are, “wanted to know where these lotteries were held, and whether they could go
there and watch” (Friedman 86). During the lottery, everyone is equal in
society and community because is genderless, in other way men draw as the ones
in charge of the house, the women take in the final round and stoning the
winner of the lottery. This happens when a character of the lottery does this,
it says in line (200) “Mrs. Delacroix selected a stone so large she had to
pick it up with both hands.”

 The truth, the lottery in the story symbolizes
a game of life, and how our action as humans influence our choices of life and
also our destiny from our actions we do every day. This symbolism helps Jackson
develop the definition of the story, because it is all based on the game that
the people can win or lose. The people organizes the lottery a little bet spooky
because they organized the game in important events like in the story says in
line (212) “square dances, the teenage club, the Halloween program.”
Additionally, in other countries have other rules and laws, rather than helping
the people from a problem they have in their lives. These laws and rules kill
them little by little until they don’t have the power for others to help them
and get their honesty. The lottery has the same thing as other places keep on
doing it today, the kind of a dishonor and the whole game of the story
represents in a reality we have in our society.

            The story reflects on the humans in our society to show
how rules, laws or tradition does not make sense, but people still follow them
and don’t care if they are bad or good. Jackson wrote the story on (211) “to
shock the story’s readers with the graphic demonstration of the pointless
violence and general inhumanity in their own lives.” The story itself is a symbolism
of the mystery of the human moves between sympathy of one person for thirst for
violence and cruel of people. It appears that the tradition has blinded these
innocent people in an insane lottery game. Bad things are symbolized because
the author says in line 85, “the feeling of liberty sat uneasily on them.” The
mood the villagers suggest that gathering isn’t one that fun and relaxing for
this terrible lottery tradition.

            The box of the lottery is a
very important symbol to the story because the box is a mystery but at the end
is a scary thing for the people. The box is a symbol of not liking the change
of the village, it is old to show that they need to clean to what familiar is
than changing the tradition that the community has on their place. One of the
characters of the story began talking of a new box, but every year was allowed
to vanish off without being done. When they forced with the possibility of
death, human beings and all its multiplicity, of survival. It appears that
tradition is losing these people in a bad way, by making them unable to think
of a reason why this tradition should not be happening.

            The tone of the story is really
important because it gives the reader a feeling of where they are and a
compressive feeling of what the story should be like. The author says (250),
“The morning of June 27th was a clear and sunny, with warmth of a
full summer day.” This is very tricky; the author gives the sense that it’s a
normal day for their lives like any other place would. The tone of the story
quickly changes once the reader realizes what the lottery tradition really is.
He symbolizes that the tradition in this unusual routine the people participate
in this tradition that the villagers have.

            A character that is important
to the story because it’s a symbol of this story. The character believes by
retiring the tradition that, “They’ll be wanting to go back to living in caves”
(Jackson 253). According to the character of the story he thinks that this tradition
is the only thing that keeps the people calm. However, the people who volunteers
in this tradition are scared to be the winner of the lottery. Other characters have
a fear and think that a human sacrifice is the only good answer to guard that
their crops are good, line (254) says “Lottery in June, corn be heavy
soon.” The box is one important symbol to the story because it represents the tradition.

            Villagers follow this tradition
they have on the village because it always been done this way every year.
Throughout the story Jackson uses setting, tone, and symbolisms to make a very good
story to read about. The author leaves the readers with a great theme that can
be added or told to any community to anyone who has this type of problem where they
live. For the people who lives in a village the author uses almost the myth of
the village. One person of your family didn’t teach them the importance of the
sacrifice to their children, perhaps the children will not learn what is coming
to life, but identifies the values and the importance to society. The author
leaves with a theme that can be applied to the community that are around at any
time period and also at any place.

            In conclusion, the story
“The Lottery”, by Shirley Jackson is about a tradition of this little village
has a special box with little papers and the winner of that lottery gets to let
other villager to throw stones to them. Its really great what this lottery does
to change the society because the people can hate or do other things that will even
more horrible to the community. Other countries do the same thing but different
they don’t have a lottery so they can kill or hurt other people. Its really
great to learn how the society has change from different places and from
different people. I recommend to read the story The Lotter because it talks
about how the people do about the lottery and they have to get them hit with
stones and how this change the society between the people.


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