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The economic system in America has many ups and downs, but it could certainly be improved. The American people, unfortunately, are the ones who suffer the most in our economy at the hands of big businesses and unjust tax systems. Some Americans suffer because they can’t work for various reasons or aren’t paid fairly. Lastly, the government owes the American people reparations and tax reforms, and it shouldn’t be for the large businesses that don’t need tax reforms. The question of whether or not the unequal distribution of wealth in America is morally just is a tricky one because it can be argued either way. Those who believe that capitalism is important and that in order for America to run it needs a large business with lots of power and money to govern markets and such. However, it can also be argued that that way of thinking is unfair and that it leaves people in power with power and gives very little chance to those lower in the economy at a true shot to success.Businesses, sometimes, push their workers to extremes and give them too high of goals. This, in turn, causes the workers to do unethical things like lie about the actual reports or channel stuffing. “The conflicting goals created excess product capacity that was bottlenecked getting to market. Two years later, the organization was indicted for channel stuffing.” (HBR, Why Ethical People Make Unethical Decisions). This is an example of people in power abusing workers and pushing them to the point where the workers lose integrity and suffer for the laws they were forced to break. They are still good people and don’t deserve treatment such as taking the fall for a business.Our American system often prioritizes big business that doesn’t need help. For example, the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, has a huge business and doesn’t need to be promoted. However, presidential counselor, Kellyanne Conway, promotes Ivanka’s clothing line due to pressure probably from the president himself. “In the interview in question, Conway was discussing Nordstrom’s decision to drop Ivanka Trump’s line from its stores, which President Donald Trump decried on Twitter as treating Ivanka ‘so unfairly.’ ‘I’m gonna just going to give a free commercial here,’ Conway said in the interview. ‘Go buy it today, everybody. You can find it online.'” (CBS News, Kellyanne Conway accused of federal ethics violation). She made a very unethical decision and has taken the fall for her decision.A socialist economic system is often seen as a negative system. However, it would be beneficial to the American people if there was a more balanced economy like in a socialist economic system. In history, socialist nations have become dictatorships, like China. However, many other nations are also socialist and have a much happier outcome and people like Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, and more. Socialism has many positive effects and it is often portrayed in a negative way in America. Socialism is actually a very just and equal system, as it puts the people first.Taxation should be used to redistribute wealth because the current distribution of wealth is highly concentrated in the big businesses rather than in the actual American people. The ability of the American government to spread out taxes is actually fairly high, as the president just produced a tax reform that mainly affected large businesses and is allowing those businesses to buy back stock. The American people, however, would absolutely benefit from tax reforms according to income and finally be able to live equally.Americans who don’t live equally is probably because of the fact that a lot of Americans can’t work or aren’t able to be paid fairly. The Americans who can’t work try to apply for food stamps or low income housing. Oftentimes, these people are disabled or are single parents overworking themselves just to be able to pay rent on time.The state has obligations to the poor such as food stamps and such because some people can’t work or can’t afford minimal living even with multiple jobs. Debt is a huge impact on almost all American people and is the reason for lots of the problems affecting these people. The state should help these people who can’t help themselves because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and America is indeed a chain.America should recognize a right to work because many American people strive to achieve a job but are sometimes denied the opportunity for different reasons. There should be more opportunities for those who don’t necessarily have the skills for harder jobs yet. The United States of America should have a living wage requirement high enough so that people won’t be tempted to commit crimes to sustain budgets like rent and having children.Equal pay, similarly, should never be based on gender or race. In recent years, it has improved incredibly but would absolutely improve still. The government should have to pay back Native Americans for theft and genocide and to African Americans for the many long years of slavery. These are just two examples of entire populations of people in America who are still struggling from America’s history because it was still so recently that America has abused them. The daughters and sons of these people who so suffered at the hands of big businesses and the government are still trying to pick themselves up and live equally to the rest of the nation. Unfortunately, we aren’t giving them that chance. These are often the same people living on food stamps because they are in debt or aren’t given the opportunity to work. We need to remember that America is a chain and we need to make our weakest links stronger.In order to be a leading nation, America should also help out the rest of the world. Of course, this would happen once our nation is improved to be equal and great. The government and the people of wealthy nations don’t owe anything towards people of poorer nations, although, it is as humans that we must do our best to help those with less than us. If we give opportunity to the whole world, then diseases could be cured, technology would advance, culture would diversify, and everything would have so many different people innovating things.Foreign aid is sometimes dependent on value judgements of other societies. Richer nations giving foreign aid should get over the strange aspects of other nations because we as humans should not base whether or not we help people on the fundamentals of other societies. “One of the most intriguing models of moral judgments, the Social Intuitionist Model (SIM) proposed by Jonathan Haidt, has its roots in the philosophy of Hume. Hume observed that moral judgments were not derived from reason, but from moral sentiments.” (Huffington Post, How We Make Moral Decisions). Helping out poorer nations is morally just because our nation is a good nation and we are capable of becoming a great nation.So, America would benefit and improve from many different changes to the economy. From spreading wealth more evenly throughout the people to making our weakest chains stronger, and finally paying back the American people who have suffered for so many years at the hands of large businesses. Our country has the opportunity to become a leading nation of the world and helping out those who are poorer nations. Our country, should take that opportunity and make America great.


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