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The miracles in the nature surrounding us furthermore never fail to surprise us along with the example of sequences and consistencies. When meteorologists predict the weather forecast for the following week, they make the use of the patterns present in the movement of the clouds that are collected with the aid of satellite imaging. They make other predictions about precipitation, and the wind patterns which are shown visually on news channels in a very similar way. Here we again see how assumption of patterns form the base in gaining valuable knowledge.We find these mystical arrangements all around us since these kind of arrangements require a lot less energy to be assembled and thus are preferred in larger-scales in the nature except, every concept comes with its own exceptions where knowledge is gained without any reference to expectancy of orderliness. For instance, the existence of axioms or postulates in mathematics which are mere statements that requires no proof, can never be falsified and requires no amount of resemblance to any other entity to gain knowledge on the statement. Taking the example of an axiom which states that one and only one straight line can pass through two given points on a plane, we see how such a statement is accepted universally without any requirement of its approval. Nevertheless, it can also be argued that postulates like “addition of two odd numbers is always even” demand the presumption of a sequence that can be identified whatsoever. Again, on the other hand, we have conjugates which are some conclusions derived from inductive reasoning where generalisations are based on patterns. Now, not all of them are true. While observing a pattern when squaring numbers we find that their results are always higher than the original number 52=25; 62=36; 72=35. But, when considering fractions like ½,?,¼, etc, their squares are lesser than them.Yet there are patterns observed when taking conjugations into consideration even when these are products of inductive reasoning which may not be true most of the times. We always seem to find anomalies in concepts and axioms are part of an exception/anomaly in the concept of gaining knowledge through the process of assumption of uniformities. We gain on qualitative knowledge only with the help of our intuition. The intuitions rests on the possibility of arriving at uniform results relating to prior knowledge. and belief of assuming uniformities in our daily tasks like with what rate our savings are going to increase with different interest rates provided by the top banking organizations. We formulate our thoughts with utter contemplation and compute in a way so that we only benefit from our actions and this is where intuition plays an important role in generating these hypothesis. We find equations to solve everyday problems as they are formulated on the basis of patterns.Acknowledging that the two areas are very discordant, they still hold and maintain fields that relate to the idea of procuring facts that help gain absolute, beneficial knowledge. Ethical values of topographically different and parallely developed countries, and the way they interpret these essence of human moralities, sometimes create barriers in obtaining ethical facts that should generally have a synergic approach. But the main concept remains consistent whatsoever. Mathematical roots are established on the basis of iterative concurrence of sequences and logics and only few exceptions cannot deter the facts and regularities. Having proven and adequate consensus with various ways of deriving at conclusions is an essential feature in mathematics, the feature which is lacking in the study of traditional ethics.


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