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The women’s perceptive of what makes a


The authors of this study
want to know what the perspective of African American mothers is when it comes
to breast-feeding and being an extraordinary mom. Research tended to revolve
around white mothers and their internalizing on this topic, and thus they had seemed
to seek the answer this question in a different margin of women. The difference
between this study and others down was the demographic and race of the women
participating, and  so that played a
large part in the question that they were asking.

Some of the key concepts
that made up this study were the demographics of the participants, and the
norms in different societies. The research study is taking into account how the
norms and the social context of these mothers affect their opinions and
perspectives.  The background and ideals
of women is also very important to take into account, as they can affect the
minds of women just as much as media can. The women often would take into
account the reactions of others will discussing or performing breast-feeding,
and it ultimately affects their view on it. A common theme had to do with good
mothers being unselfish, and thinking highly of women who take their time and
effort to breastfeed.  According to the research,
there are certain standards that mothers try to meet in order to be good
mothers, including reaching a level of unselfishness usually associated with breastfeeding.
Another difference that they focused on between different studies is how women’s
perceptive of what makes a good mother change when social struggles were

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The research was
conducted by doing semi structured
interviews with a sample of 22 middle class African American women. They
were mothers from the southeastern that breastfeed their children. They
collected the data based on opinions and perspectives given by the women, and
were reported as percentages.

The conclusion was that most women supported the idea that hard work and
selfishness resulted in good mothering. However, within this group there was a
divergence. The data collected showed that one-third of the total believed that
those who feed with formula were also good mothers, while another group had mixed
feelings and ideas about it. They did not want to pass judgment on those who
have special circumstance that withheld them from breastfeeding, such as a
medical condition. The real-life barriers that low-income mothers may have were
also taken into account. Due to the differencing opinion, it shows that there
is a common stigma in culture that revolves breastfeeding, however it is not
equal in all cultures or races. In this case their identities and background
have a huge effect on the positions they take.


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