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The your eyes to a whole new

The week 3 learning is from
chapters 10 to 12 from PDMA handbook, followed by discussion on ideation, The Five Dysfunctions of Teams
and Patrick Lencioni on
the importance of trust. It gives a better picture and
understanding on new business opportunities, new product development teams,
virtual teams. I would like to summarize my learning as below,

Business Opportunities

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This chapter covers
Magellan Process of identifying significant new business opportunities.
Identifying new ideas and opportunities with the potential to become major new
businesses, including high value, complex system problems that Corning could
solve be developing keystone components. Magellan process steps include:
innovation workshops, conversation with leaders, white papers, in-depth
opportunity analyzes, presentation to CTC and decision making. The front-end
innovation process is critical and often very challenging. This process is a
proven methodology that addresses
challenge and is continually evolving as we build to manage Corning innovation
pipeline. Association with like-minded people though it would be more
beneficial to associate will open your eyes to a whole new world of
possibilities. Growing large new businesses, developing the opportunity into a
fledging business, acting as an incubator, continuing to build business until
it can stand on its own or become part of one of the ongoing business. The
business model is used in many new ideas that proceed directly and sequentially
through the process and follow iterative path. When deciding on strategy,
implement one that fits your personality and the customers you serve.

New Product Development

New product development
is knowledge intensive activity. Organizational members relationships are
closely connected with the level of knowledge sharing. Product development
managers may face the challenge of how to encourage members to develop close
knit family like relationship that promote deep understanding and critical
knowledge sharing. Understanding how to increase we-ness will directly increase
knowledge sharing and product performance. Managing we-ness does not involve a
change in team structure. NPD teams are in some way are very interesting and
special that can be used to drive the entire innovation and way to success for
an organization, so it is built in such a way for team to work together. Creating
that special environment takes a good amount of trust and part of our studies
will focus in on how a team that operates like a family unit can drive
creativity. Knowledge sharing increases product performance, as measured by
degree to which new product program is a success, reduction of unit product
development time. Each of these was increased in we-ness creating activities.

Virtual Teams

along with rapid technological advances, has led to the widespread use of
distributed teams in organization. In common practice, virtual teams bring
variety of dynamics and culture to the innovation team though distance, time
and culture. It allows organizations to pool diverse expertise and cultural
perspectives regardless of where individuals are physically located. Such
diversity is important to NPD, which typically requires cross-functional
activities and products for distinct markets. One of the characteristic virtual
teams is reliance on information communication technologies. Typically, virtual
team members use combination of synchronous technologies and asynchronous
technologies. Traditionally, teams have been conceptualized as either virtual
or not. Rapid technology change led to a wide variety of ICTs. Other crucial
factor to success include frequent communication, dynamic coordination,
adequate resources, strong leadership. The work processes of a virtual team are
driven largely by the team’s culture, which must be willing to work together,
resolve conflicts and make use of technology. Successful teams are designed
with specific requirements and team members.


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