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There better than the others,” (Unity). We

are some reasons why humans treat animals cruelly. One of human instincts is
runaway greed. Humans want to own everything from trees, lands, rivers, oceans
and animals. Humans wants everything to satisfy for our demands and hobbies.  Moreover,
humans have the inner ego. “Ego- which wants to be better than the others,”
(Unity). We all want to show that we are power and strong. From an ego of an
individual, it becomes the ego of the whole city, the whole country, the whole
society and ends up with the whole humanity. “We are born with the capacity to
learn how to dream, and the humans who live before us teach us how to dream the
way society dreams,” stated by the author Don Miguel Ruiz of the book “The Four
Agreements” which was published in 1997. The following generations will do the
same ways as what their previous generations did because they assume those
activities are right to do based on what they are domesticated. “We have the
tendency to make assumptions about everything. The problem with making
assumptions is that we believe they
are the truth,” (Ruiz 63). Making assumptions is the habit that
humans have. Assumptions are guesses; that
means they could be right or
wrong. However, we believe they are the truth. Humans
assume that animals are lower than animals and we have the right to use them in
variety of purpose; we can use them as food source, for testing drug and technique,
for transportations, for medicine, for fashion and especially for recreation. According
to the article: “Critics Question Zoos’ Commitment to Conservation” of the
author Laura Fravel, ancient Egyptian had entertained with exotic animals:
birds, lions and giraffes. Today, it becomes more popular under variety
different ways: zoos, circuses, hunting and fighting…. There are more than
10,000 zoos in the world (The American Zoo and Aquarium Association), a
thousand animal circuses, and countless dogfighting or horseracing… each year. Many
people use animals to gain profit from selling tickets for animal zoos, animal
performing, animal fighting and animal displays…. Moreover, human instinct is
curious; we want to watch animal performing like dancing elephants, jumping
elephants…or going to the zoo to see rare and valuable animals in the zoos. Humans
make assumptions that animals do not have feelings or emotions. Therefore,
humans treat animals unethically.



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