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There which is not good for them.

There are many effects that the environment has on Cuba. Some problems include deforestation, pollution, climate change causing sea levels to rise and floods. Deforestation in Cuba was really bad in the early 2000s. Now they are trying to reforest areas because of how bad it was in the 2000s. They cut down trees to build cities and roads. Deforestation happened because back then people didn’t really care and know the importance of forests for human survival. The cuban Rainforest is also being deforested to build cane fields. Now people are realizing that they need to forests for human survival and for animals habitats. So they are reforesting areas. The next big effect the environment is having on Cuba is pollution. Mostly in the Havana Bay. In the Havana Bay there is air pollution and water pollution. The air pollution is affecting Cuba because it is destroying ecosystems in Cuba. The main ecosystems it’s affecting is flora and fauna. Some people are actually inhaling the pollutants in the air which is not good for them. Cuba has tried to help people not inhal pollutants by conducting projects. The most recent project they are doing is monitoring gas emissions to see what it’s doing to the environment. The next big thing that is affecting Cuba is climate change. When the climate is changing, Cuba, has a hard time producing food because of the weather and since it’s hurricane season a lot of crops get washed out. So instead farmers are planting drought-resistant crops and digging into the ground to insure they will have water supplies to survive during droughts or when hurricane season comes. The last thing that’s affecting Cuba is floods. The main flood that happened in Havana, Cuba is when Hurricane Irma arrived and flooded most of the capital. The effects of Irma were terrible. It uprooted trees, tore of roofs of houses and buildings, winds going 200 km/h destroyed the main hotels in Havana, Cuba, and lastly the main effect was flooding. People couldn’t get out of their houses because of how much it was flooded. People had to come on boats and jet skis to rescue them. Also animals, like crocodiles, could come out of their habitat in ponds thinking the flooding on streets is their home so it would be very dangerous for people to try and get to safety anyway. People did anything to try and rescue people and bring them to safety. The flooding eventually went away but this most likely will happen again in the future that’s why it’s a big effect on Cuba.  


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