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“Think now integrated ona global scale start

"Think globally, act locally" urges people to consider the health of the entire planet as awhole by taking responsibility for their actions in their own communities and cities. It is auniversal truth that individuals have come together to protect habitats and the organisms that livewithin them before governmental laws became enforced. These ideas that are now integrated ona global scale start on a local level and are primarily run by passionate volunteers. It is by thatpassion the original phrase "Think global, act local" has been attributed to Scots town plannerand social activist Patrick Geddes. The term was increasingly applied to initiatives ininternational education and was advanced by Stuart Grauer. Typically, this idea of grandeur”think globally, act locally” pertains to environmental issues; for example, recycling, globalwarming and forest preservation; however, this idea has expanded into areas such as oureducational system. While it is known in the United States that our education system is everimproving it is the responsibility of the next generation to continue the growth of students in oureducation system.Education is considered one of the most powerful and important aspects in our lives. Inthe present day, gaining knowledge through higher formal education is a distinct process that wehave to complete because it is considered in our to society, necessary to be able to thrive in thisworld and to maximize the potential that we have. One of the institutions which provide aneducation, a productive environment, and tools to help students in learning are schools.Valdez 2However, in Gatto’s opinion, schools have done a great job in turning children into children(Gatto). School provides an easy way to solve a problem and teaches students to obeyreflexively. Gatto also complains how school keeps infantilizing students and as a result, itprevents students from growing (Gatto). In order to face this problem, improvement is needed.One of the ways to do this is by changing the education system. In “Social Class” by JeanAnyon, has research that compares several different types of schools, based on social classes. Infact, Gatto’s solution is to make different types of schools such as technical or secondaryeducation available to all students, which are mentioned in Anyon’s essay.Despite the disadvantages that come with integrating changes, it will still be better if thetechnical and secondary educational system can become a template of schools in order toimprove and maximize students’ talents and skills. Moreover, adjustments are needed along theprocess. Most of the school system have disadvantages such as available location, cost anddegrees specific to those student’s interests. Students have different paces of learning and alsodifferent ways of learning. Therefore, it might be hard for some students to be able to cope withthis kind of system that our society has put into place. Some students face difficulty when theyare learning under a very structured and formal education system, while others might haveproblems because of their different values that they were raised in. For those who areuncomfortable learning under a formal education system, they probably feel restricted when itcomes to increasing their knowledge and skill base. For the students that do not thrive because ofits formality of learning generally feel the conditions are controlling them and restricting themfrom their own choices or freedom. There are also many external forces in the lives of studentsthat could plague their learning ability such as family, environmental conditions, or learningValdez 3disabilities. While we cannot control what happens to every individual student once they leavetheir learning environment, it is our responsibility to find a solution internally.Our educational system is based on a pyramidal growth for potential, we are taught veryyoung that in order to achieve prestige in society we needed a certain level of education. Manychildren are asked when they first arrive in our systems what they want to see when they growup, so say doctors, few say lawyers, and others say teachers. What all of these professions havein common is a level of a higher education, however, the similarities end there. With law school,you must take a standardized test to get accepted into a school, same with medical school, or amilitary academy. The steps to even get accepted into these schools is a long and hard process. Itforces those people who apply to know that they truly want to continue in this field. In theseevidence based practices the systems makes you go through four years of grueling hard work.My question is, why do we not have this process for teachers. That is my idea, to integrate a newapplication system for teachers, for those who truly want to teach instead of a default job.Teachers play a big role in educating students, therefore, schools need to have passionateteachers. In addition, the teachers have to have certain skills especially the skill to challengestudents and to maximize their abilities. By getting further training, teachers are able to learnseveral ways to help students maximizing their skills. For example, a mini role-play of teachingin class would help teachers to start asking questions to students. Challenging students to thinkwill be one way to develop their critical thinking. Teachers also need to start paying attention atthe way they ask questions so that those questions will challenge students to develop more. A lotof things might seem tiny and detail but in students’ learning process, those tiny little things willbring huge effects for them. To make differences and to achieve something better will be a longand tough process, the same thing applies when trying to form a better school. This process willValdez 4take a lot of time and efforts from the schools as well as from the students. While knowing thatsome of the students will face a difficult situation because of the differences in values, it is still abetter choice to start making changes rather than not doing anything at all.A quote given by a teacher says, “Think globally, act locally!” In the beginning, it will bea challenging situation for the students. Do not worry allowing students to experience challengesbecause challenges are student’s opportunity to grow. This uncomfortable feeling is justtemporary. The long-term goal is the one we want to achieve and the difficulties are thestepping-stones to achieve the goal. Applying to the disadvantages mentioned before, they willonly happen for a short period of time. Students need to overcome those difficulties rather thandemanding easy and unchallenging environments. The new school system will prepare them tobe ready so that they are not going to be weak when they are facing some difficulties in their life.In fact, the world where they live in will not be a world that always adjusts to a person’s will.When the world cannot adjust, the students have to be ready to adjust and work things out.Professional or elite school system mentioned by Anyon has a better template to maximizestudent’s abilities and talents. This system will challenge students to think critically and to useevery resource around them. The process of applying this system to every school will not be aneasy process because it takes time and efforts from the both sides –schools and students. Inaddition, difficulties in the middle of the process are inevitable especially in the beginning ofchanging. At the end, these will all be worthy for educating a more intelligent nation.


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