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Time Management And Productivity Essay

I am going to talk about time management and productivity. Time management and productivity are essential to each other in the workplace. I am going to tell how I can relate to them and use them in everyday life. I am also going to tell you how they can help you. Time management is to productivity because if you manage time wisely you can get more stuff done.

It is essential to manage your time wisely because if you work for a production or manufacturing company you want to produce as much products as you can; Time management is an essential part of production because you want to make sure you have the time to plan out what the product will do and etc. It is essential you have good time management skills if you are planning to produce something because you have to have enough time to monitor how long it takes to produce, the need for the product, and the goal of it. Lightening the load; leadership strategies for research productivity. ”(Conn, Vicki S. ) Time management is an important part of time assessment as well. It is an essential part of time assessment because you want to be sure you assess how much time you have when working on something. Time assessment goes with time management because if you have to do something by a deadline you want to make sure you have time to submit and get review on it. I selected the two topics on time management because I believe they are an important piece to each other.

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I selected these two because in my workplace I use them everyday. A part of the reason I selected the two topics I did because in our everyday lives they can be essential to us. I can connect to the two topics because I have used them plenty of times in my everyday life. I can connect to them both because when I am working on a project or something to meet a deadline I have to use my time assessment to make sure I have enough time to submit it and get quality feedback on it. Yes I believe I can build a personal schedule reflecting around them both.

I think I can find a way to build a schedule around them or related to them because it is always a good investment to manage you time wisely. I can build a personal schedule centered around them both because my job is always asking us to meet deadlines so having time management skills to help with that is always a positive thing. I talked to you about time management and productivity. I told you all how they correspond to each other. I also told how I can connect to them and how I can build a personal schedule to fit them into it.


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