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To Whom It May Concern:It is with very great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Daniel Leongomez to support his application for the National Honor Society Scholarship Program. Daniel has a deep passion for learning and aiding the community and has been one of a few exceptionally gifted students that I have encountered in my career.Beyond his academic excellence, Daniel is a charismatic individual who is respected and liked by faculty and peers. His maturity and charisma are qualities that are quite rare among high school students. He interacts well with his peers be it in the classroom setting or with the broader diverse student population where he is well known as a collected individual with a unique personality and great sense of humor. He balances his time well by excelling in a heavy course load filled with advanced placement classes while participating in various school and community activities, completely integrating himself into the community in doing so. He has been a member of the cross-country and track teams for four years, and is a captain of cross-country. He is an anchor and producer for the school news. He was voted by his peers to become NHS treasurer, and is member of several other honor societies as well. He stays after school almost as much as I do in order to tutor others, film for the school news, run innumerable laps on the track, or participate in campus service activities. After such a busy school day he often puts in a couple hours of work as an intern at a local tutoring center, furthering still his impact on those around him.  Daniel is clearly a well rounded individual who enjoys staying active in the community around him.Overall, Daniel exhibits the qualities of a leader as well as a and excels academically in challenging, college level courses. He is an intelligent, well-rounded, and grounded individual who challenges himself and actively seeks new opportunities and experiences. He has the determination, maturity, and intelligence to succeed in any endeavor and always maintains a positive attitude. His academic and personal achievements show that he is committed to his education and will work hard to achieve his goals. He exudes confidence and has a vivid, outgoing, and friendly personality that allows him to get along with others very well in any setting. He is a highly motivated individual with a thirst for knowledge. Daniel would truly be a worthy recipient of the NHS Scholarship.Sincerely,Guy SwensonOlympia High School Principal


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