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To Whom It May ConcernIt is a great pleasure to recommend Hussein Olleik for admission to your program. I am not surprised to find out he is now ranked at the top of an extraordinarily capable class. He has a great interest in physics, math, and science, and this is remarkably reflected by his high grades.Hussein also had a lot of meaningful contributions to his school and community. His positive attitude and perseverance created the person he is now. I am confident that his advanced skills and passion will make him an extraordinary fit for your engineering programs he applied for.Hussein remarkable high aptitude for math and science pushes him to achieve more in that field. He did lots of projects in that domain and proved to be a leader. He also attended several extracurricular activities. He had first aid training with Lebanese Red Cross and this further encouraged him to volunteer in many community activities. He also worked in a pharmacy for one summer vacation which increased his knowledge in medications and strengthened his communication skills. He was able to help patients and Hussein’s strengths are as impressive as his accomplishments. He is an optimistic person that always believe in trying to achieve ultimate success.  He accepts others’ feedback and tries to learn and improve by learning from his experiences. Hussein has demonstrated excellence in whatever he decides and determines to accomplish. He taught himself to play classical and electrical guitar by watching youtube videos. Hussein’s curiosity and willingness to achieve his aims lead me to believe that he will be successful not only in his education but also in his life in the future. He is an excellent photographer where he spends hours in nature photo shooting.When he discovered his interest in photography, he directly started improving his skills. Hussein also took the second place in a Lebanese kyokushinkai karate( a kind of martial arts) championship and the 3rd place in another kyokushinkai karate championship at the level of Mount Lebanon. He believes passionately in social progress and working to improve the community. His own experiences, charisma, his community work, readiness to help others, and values added to my interest in writing this reference letter. He is a talented, intelligent student who deserves a better opportunity that will probably create a person seeking to build a better world. I’m looking forward to seeing what else Hussein will achieve and I am only expecting outstanding success in his degree and his life.Hope you find my reference letter helpful, and I will be interested in answering any further questions.Thank you for giving me the opportunity to recommend Hussein Olleik


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