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TO: realized that there were 300,000 college

TO: Suny, Cuny, and Private Colleges FROM: Maylynn RosarioCC: Morrisville DATE: January 20, 2018SUBJECT: Rapes On CampusGood Evening, How is everyone doing today?      My name is Maylynn Rosario, I am a sophomore at Morrisville State College. I just want to talk about a recurring issue that seems to be happening on every campus worldwide. I feel that this topic should be dealt with the higher matter. Which is where you come in, as higher members of the college system I feel if I speak to you about the matter it would be able to be fixed. The problem that I am talking about is rape not only to females but also males. Do you know there is about  “673,000 women currently attending U.S. colleges and universities who have experienced rape at some point in their lifetime” (Kilpatrick, Resnick, Riggiero, Conoscenti & McCauley, 2007; Sexual Assault Statistics, 2018). In one year, they realized that there were  300,000 college female college students that experience rape. Which is over 5% of the colleges and universities, female population enrolled on campus. Which doesn’t actually include the other acts of sexual assault(Kilpatrick, et al.; Sexual Assault Statistics, 2018). There are 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men sexually assaulted while on campus that we know of (HelpRestoreHopeCenter, 2014). In a study, there were 5,000 male students at 100 different colleges and about 4% of them answered yes to the question In your lifetime have you been forced to submit to sexual intercourse against your will?”(Sexual Assault Statistics, 2018). Which show how men do get raped before coming to college or while in college.      Yes, we do make students aware of a rape that occurs on campus and it shakes us awake to what is happening around us. I feel there are many ways we can help prevent these such cases from happening. We should be told as we come in about past rapes to prevent new rape cases, it should be talked about as the new freshmen come into to college. Girls and guys can know what they are walking into. By telling girls to stay with buddies and always be aware of their surrounding is a good start, but we need to do more than that I feel write it on the school informational website. Just like we write about the programs and clubs we have on campus, we should also have a rape estimate going out as well. We also have a mandatory course on self-defense so girls know how to protect themselves more. Also, have a Women’s Program so they can recognize a rapist when they see one. Or know the signs of a rapist or one in the making. Also allowed them to have the courage to help interference in a “potentially high-risk situations”. “To enable women to help rape survivors by giving them pertinent information about rape, a victim’s recovery from rape, and resources where more information can be found.”(Sexual Assault Statistics, 2018). “The Men’s Program” should be also mandatory for men so that way we can help lower the amount of rape that is going on. It helps them understand how to talk to a rape victim so that way they can recover. “To increase the likelihood of bystander intervention in potentially high-risk situations. To challenge men to change their own behaviors and influence the behaviors of others.” In the article “Sexual Assault Statistics” it states how men in The Men’s Program, that are high-risk men have committed 40% less sexual assaults then they usually do (Foubert, 2011; Foubert, Newberry & Tatum, 2007; Sexual Assault Statistics, 2018). So I feel that is something we can test trial on the freshmen in that enter college to see how it works. If it goes okay then we can start making every guy on campus it do it as a mandatory course. Since we are in college we are here to learn how to behave in public and what to do and not to do. So let’s start making the campus safer, I know we won’t be able to protect them outside of the campus ground or at their homes. At least they know, they have one place they can go and know that it is safe. That they won’t be sexually harmed in any way, shape or form.


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