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Today across the United States. We fight

Today we live in a world where the compassion for our pets
and demand for products and accessories to fit their needs seem to be at an
all-time high; yet 3.9 million dogs currently reside in shelters across the
United States. We fight not only for these adoptable dogs but also for the
shelters across the country who work tirelessly to give animals the second
chance they deserve while they wait for their forever homes.


The majority of shelters rely on continuous donations to support
their ongoing efforts to both save and maintain the wellbeing of their animals,
such as collars, leashes, harnesses, beds, toys, and other accessories. Our
business model is built on the fundamental principle that “every purchase
fulfills a purpose.” Every time a customer purchases an item from our site,
that same item is donated to a shelter. You buy a collar, we donate a collar.

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You buy a dog bed, we donate a dog bed. It’s that simple!


Our goal is to unite dog owners who love to spoil their
pooch with lavish, fun accessories while donating that same awesome product to
dogs in need of a home. Every purchase fulfills a purpose!


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