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Today is the day and age where  armed criminals are stopped in their  tracks. The United States has tens of thousands of deaths due to armed criminals picking off defenceless victims. With Concealed carry,  law abiding citizen can defend themselves from any threats that may appear. Why do you think the second amendment exists? ¨The second amendment is an individual right.¨ Our right to keep and bear arms. It’s for defence. Concealed carry needs to be legal.  Firstly, armed criminal attacks and kills will be drastically reduced with the use of concealed carry. ¨…Concealed carry has skyrocketed from a few hundred thousand people in the 1990s to more than 16 million today.¨ Armed criminals and robbers are a huge threat around the globe. ¨Concealed weapons are fired 2.5 million times a year, or 6,850 times a day. Saving up to eighty lives a year on average.¨ Eighty lives that could have been taken unless the victim had defence. ¨Sixty-seven percent of homicides committed in the U.S alone are by gun.¨ The  only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. The weapons that are carried are concealed, hence the name. This allows the victim, or the owner of the concealed weapons to catch the attacker of guard. Not necessarily firing the weapon and killing the attacker, but scaring them off. Saving two lives at once. Next, carrying a concealed weapon not only lets the victim defend themselves, but those around them. If someone who had a concealed weapon was in a store whilst it was being robbed by a armed robber, or someone threatening the cashier or employees of the store. They could use their weapon to defend themselves, the employees, and everyone occupying the store. Another example would be the movie ¨5:17 Paris,¨ which was based off a true story where four innocent people were heavily injured. The movie is how a group of friends were aboard a train while an armed terrorist attacks the train filled with people. The friend group was able to attacks the man taking him down, but getting shot multiple times in the process. ¨Gun laws are less strict which means guns are more available to people…¨ If someone aboard this train had a concealed weapon, the situation could have been avoided while facing little, to no injuries or deaths at all. Concealed carry allows for trained gun wielders to defend everyone with them, again saving lives.Furthermore, concealed carry allows people who can’t physically defend themselves fight back. Such as the elderly or disabled. Both my moms parents have a concealed carry license, and my dad’s mom is training for one right now. They are protected when they travel, shop, or do anything. As stated before, they can protect my family if we are with them, and those around them. Concealed carry allows them a sense of security, defence, and freedom while out in public where anything can happen at anytime. Such as the attacks stated before. Without concealed carry they would be easy targets for theft or attack, but they can effectively defend themselves with the use of concealed carry. While concealed carry is something made to defend people, it has flaws. One of these flaws would be the fact that in the wrong hands, a concealed carry licence could be deadly. It could be used as a method of attack, and murder. However, as stated earlier, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Concealed carry goes both ways. If it were used for attack, chances are there are some people with concealed weapons to defend themselves, or who ever is being attacked. To obtain a licence in the first place you need a clean criminal record, making it very unlikely that someone will someone use it for attack, and why would a killer want to legally carry a gun around in the first place?In conclusion, concealed carry needs to be legal to save lives, reduce armed criminal activity, and allow the defenceless to defend themselves and others. Lives will be saved around the globe, and attacks will be less fatal, and possibly even stopped before any deaths or injuries occur do to the training concealed carry provides.. Concealed carry needs to be legal.


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