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Top Five best cameras for night photography.


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It has always been said that whenever there is light, there is an opportunity for a photograph to take a photo.  When an exceptional moment arises a photographer needs to rise to the occasion and capture it in a magical way. But what happens under clear or stormy night deserves also to be captured.  At nightfall presents a thousand possibilities for photographing to freeze the great moment.  These are only possible if you are equipped with a camera that can take a photo in a way a viewer understands.

The camera is a one of the greatest technological inventions of the 19th century, it has been getting better and more efficient. Over time it has assumed many shapes, serving endless purpose and providing a door to the past. In the earlier days, camera were only able to mirror an image where a photographer could trace by hand. These cameras can capture an image that can preserve its originality for ages and become a door to the past.

From Obscura or pinhole to film to digital cameras, cameras has undergone a lot of evolution. Taking a photo was not as easy as it is nowadays, photographers needed to go a great length to capture an image. The first image taken by Joseph NicephoreNiepce in 1827 was captured using obscure camera and remind us of how the technology has really evolved over the past decade. Ancient Chinese and Greek philosophers are pioneers of the development of camera technology. Thanks to their dedicated effort to development of this technology now we have digital cameras on our smartphones and taking a photo is not a painstaking experience.

Night photography involves taking a photo between sundown and dawn, whether in a clear sky, moonless night or in stormy night. Capturing an image that is beyond words could explain. These requires a preparation of its own because taking a great nightscape photo is an element of a chance and its achievement relies heavily on your own preparedness. These images can be captured only using the best camera in the filming industry. A quality camera for night photography is one that combines the following features, Night vision IR LEDs, High-quality glass lens and IR cut filter.

A camera with a highest ISO ratings and low noise level for high ISO makes a perfect fit for night photography to captures what our normal eyes can’t see. A camera that is powerful enough to capture the movement of stars and gases in the skies. Apart of Sensor size, ISO performance, noise, night vision IR LEDs, High quality glass lens and IR cut filter a camera for night photography should possess the following features: camera exposure mode, camera Shutter Speed, Aperture, Zoom, Autofocus mode and Autofocus sensor selector. With advancement in technology it is possible to have all these features in one camera. Smartphones however powerful it is rarely do have all these features together therefore a better equipment can take a photo to a next level. Below are the top five cameras used by the experts for the night photography.


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