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Two is being realistic and she is

Two main
female characters Polly and Eveline’s in “The boarding house” and “Eveline” are presented completely different in comparing ways by the
author James Joyce. Eveline is a girl who is stressed by her moral and duties because
she feels responsible her father and family. She wants to get out of the same
destiny that her mother has experienced before and get a life of her own.

Eveline even describes her life as a life made of painful sacrifices in
craziness. At the end of the story Eveline has to make a decision. She finds
herself emotionless and unable to move because she is being realistic and she
is concerned about her conditions.  And this
quote shows how Joyce explains this part of the story as she stays behind the
barrier and watches Frank when he begs her to come with him:

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“she sets her
white face to him, passive, like a helpless animal. Her eyes gave him no sign
of love or farewell or recognition.”

Also, this quote
describes her as acting “like a helpless animal,” is involved with
the reader’s sympathies. The major adjective, “passive,” is created
to focus on the way that she feels imprisoned by situations that feel so much
bigger than she is and from which she feels hopeless and powerless to break

Compares to
Eveline, Polly is a vaguer character who is, at least in part, responsible for
her own situation. Even though it is possibly arguable that Polly is used brutally
by her parents. However, Obviously, Polly is at least in part of the creator of
her own fortune. Besides, the way she sings the song, “I’m a naughty
girl,” affirms it to the readers. It can be seen that Polly is just as cruel
as her mother in the way that she flirts with the unfortunate Doran, and then
she fakes sadness and feeling to increase his guiltiness and confirm that he is
going to make a proposal to her. In this way, Polly can be seen as being very alike
to her mother, who is defined in the quote below:

“She dealt with moral problems as a cleaver deals with meat: and in
this case, she had made up her mind.”

Both Polly
and Mrs. Mooney are presented in distinctive ways to show how they are emotionless
and manipulative. Besides, both of them also don’t feel the sympathies in the identical way that Eveline does,
but women overall in both of these stories are represented as doing the best they
can in brutal situations, which includes the irresponsibility of Mr. Mooney and
the problematic family condition that Eveline has to deal with, women are presented
to endure much and get through with their own ways.


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