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Using technological
warfare and
weapons of mass destruction is one of the most controversial issues in the
world nowadays. Countries all over the world are developing or buying weapons
just to follow the mainstream, even though they could spend this money to
enhance their economy or pay their debts. For example, USA is overwhelmed by
debts and they still spend their money on weapons. According to a study by The
Balance, the U.S debts exceeded 20 trillion dollars last October. On the other
hand, according to Quartz the US will spend approximately $400 billion
over a 10-year period to maintain and modernize its arsenal; the US plans to
buy replacement systems and build new nuclear weapon facilities. Why paying
all of this money on weapons and leaving your country in debts. This doesn’t
mean that weapons aren’t necessary, but spend it on essential things. According
to a recent research by Business Insider, there are 14,955 nuclear weapons worldwide.
Using these powers is unsafe. It harms environment and people in every aspect.


One example of countries that suffered from these weapons is Japan.
USA dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. The 2 bombs killed an
estimated number of 220,000 person. 88% died immediately when the bomb was dropped,
other from radiation, burns, cancer, or birth disorder. All of these were
innocent people who were living peacefully in their homes. The tragedy didn’t stop
at that point, the bombs devastated 119 cities including 2 of Japan’s major
cities: Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They killed many children that were supposed to
be the future of Japan. They destroyed the environment and they were the main
reason in diseases in Japan.

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Using technological
warfare and
weapons of mass destruction can end the world. Two major countries ruled by
lunatics are threatening each other that they will use their bombs! Another 2
countries like Pakistan and India are fighting for Kashmir. In any minute a
nuclear war could start and then no one could control it. Also, if these
weapons went under the hands of terrorists, the world will be destroyed and the
terrorists will have the upper hand.

in countries like Syria and Iraq, millions of innocent people are being killed
with internationally prohibited weapons while all the world are watching. Their
countries, land, and environment is being destroyed by these weapons.

In short,
technological warfare and weapons of mass destruction are the real danger. Countries
should compete in making the world a better place not to compete in destroying







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