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Vietnam Poetry Research Paper My Essay

Vietnam Poetry Essay, Research Paper

My essay is a comparing of a vocal and a verse form about the Vietnam war. The vocal is

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“ Goodnight Saigon ” written by Billy Joel and the verse form is “ No Word

Spoken ” by Edward J. Domaleski. These two are really different but revolve

around one chief point ; the American soldiers experience in the Vietnam war. Joel

writes about the whole war experience while Domaleski writes merely about one

lone conflict. Domaleski is besides more elaborate than Joel in his authorship.

Domaleski? s lines of poesy discreetly describe the scenes of a conflict, while

Joel? s by and large describe the adversities of the American soldiers during the

war. “ No Word Spoken ” stars off by describes some soldiers processing

through a wood. They hear something, non cognizing what it is they “ spread

out ” to look into. Monkeys begin traveling about and it is now raining, the

soldiers are told mutely to be “ quiet ” they “ wear? T

breathe ” . They see four of the enemy, mutely ordered to get down the battle,

“ grenades fly ” and “ cartridge holders empty ” . Once the conflict is over

and there are “ no more shrieks ” soundless orders are given to acquire up and

hunt the organic structures for anything valuable that can be used on their awaiting

journey. Before the soldier leaves he looks around and notices the “ odor

of decease ” , but he is mutely told to travel “ frontward ” . Through this

whole conflict there was non a individual verbal order given, it was all by manus. The

usage of manus signals alternatively of words makes the soldiers feel lonely and

distraught. It makes a bad state of affairs even worse. Billy Joel? s wordss speak of

Parris Island, a topographic point where the soldiers fought a conflict. He talks about the

Americans readying by stating that they where “ crisp as knives ” .

This goes manus in manus with the “ gung-ho ” attitude of the new military personnels,

they felt they were ready to support their state. “ Tamelesss Equus caballuss ”

depict how they went in to conflict and “ in plastic as numbered

cadavers ” says how they left. They went into to conflict in a province of

daftness, but were dead at the terminal of it. Joel besides speaks of how few

ownerships the Americans could hold ; such as a luxury point like “ soft

soap ” . They had “ no homefront ” significance they where ne’er in one

topographic point for a long period of clip. Bu

t the authorities gave them

“ Playboy ” magazine and visual aspects by Bob Hope to maintain the their

morale up during the war. The soldiers had believe in themselves and had to hold

religion in “ Jesus Christ ” . These two things would divide the

causalities from the subsisters. The soldiers “ had no cameras to hit the

landscape ” which was likely for the best, so non to retrieve some of the

horrors. They “ passed the hash pipe ” and listened to the

“ Doors ” merely for an flight from the snake pit that they were in. The

soldiers were besides frightened by the “ dark at dark ” because they did

non cognize what was out at that place. The lines “ retrieve Charlie retrieve

Baker ” are about lost soldiers who “ left their childhood on every

acre ” and were to immature to decease. The Americans ruled “ the twenty-four hours ”

because they could see what was go oning around them, but the Vietnamese had

control over “ the dark ” because it was their environment that the war

was traveling on in. The Americans spent “ six hebdomads on Parris Island ”

contending the Vietnamese. The Americans fought from “ the coastline ”

seeking to take “ the upland ” off from them, but they did non cognize

that their enemy was “ as crisp ” as they were, if non even sharper. The

Vietnamese “ heard the busyness of our motors.. counted the rotors ” ; they

were waiting and ready for the American supports. Which is proven in the

result of the war in which the Vietnamese won. Billy Joel closes with “ we

will all travel down together ” . This is why the Americans survived every bit long as

they did. They stuck together, “ like brother to brother ” . I admire the

soldiers of this war more than any other war for three grounds. First, the war

may hold been the hardest because they didn? Ts know who they were contending.

Second, these American soldiers were non much older than I am now, I don? T

cognize if I could make what they had to. Last, they did non hold the full backup

of their state that they were giving their lives to support, but they dove

in caput foremost anyhow. This verse form and this vocal are memories of a traumatic yet

of import clip in American history. For those who experienced it, it helps them

retrieve that clip in their lives. For those who are excessively immature to retrieve it

makes the past more like world.


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