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Voting Elections Procedure Essay

1. Scope

The range of our undertaking is to pulverize the manual ballot projecting process. And hence to better the vote process.

1a. Introduction

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Vote and elections are indispensable ingredients of modern communities and we are populating in the age of computing machine so our vote system should be computerized than long process. For many old ages, elections, in general, have suffered from worsening engagement rates due to the incommodiousness of manual vote. Manual vote has several other drawbacks among which are inaccuracy in ballot numeration and the delayed proclamation of election consequences. This eventually consequences in fake vote. To get the better of these drawbacks, the Electronic vote ( e-voting ) technique, i.e. The usage of computing machines or computerized equipment to project ballots in elections has been proposed. E-voting automates and simplifies the election procedure, velocities it up, increases engagement rates, reduces numbering errors and minimizes the clip it takes to denote consequences.

We have divided this hunt paper into five parts. In the 1stwe will discourse a small about the history and the background of the vary system. 2neodymiumsubdivision is about the system demands. 3rdwould be the flow chart depicting the process technically. Along with a theory to depict the assorted subdivisions of the flow chart. In the 4Thursdaysubdivision, we will discourse the advantages and restrictions of the E-voting system. And precautional steps for maximal success of our undertaking harmonizing to our point of position. Finally we will discourse the decision of our whole treatment. [ IV ]

Key words

Electronic vote ( e-voting ) , election committee ( EC ) , Identification ID. [ IV ]

2. Back land

This computerized vote system has been implemented in the European states such as USA, London etc. besides in Asia ; India has adopted the E-voting system. This system no uncertainty has solved many jobs of the issue. [ III ]

3. System demands

The polling Stationss are set up by a vote authorization in suited locations such as station offices or shopping promenades and connected to cardinal location via Internet ( or a private web ) . A ballot casted at the personal computer of canvassing station will instantly be forwarded across the web to the centralized tallying site. ( Election committee EC ) . Voter is provided a keyboard or touch screen to tag their ballots on a computing machine terminus, straight connected to the EC. The personal computer in the polling station will hold stored informations of all the reliable users this bio-data includes ; finger prints. ID Information, smart card information and face image of the elector if felt guilty of projecting fake ballots. [ V ]

4. Flow chart

The figure shown in the following page is giving the flow chart of the given proposal. Some of import footings are at that place which have to be described are given below ;

4a. Designation of elector and checking of the enrollment

As the elector comes to the polling station he/she is required to supply his/her ID or the smart card issued by the authorities to him/her.


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