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Was JFK A Great President Essay

His greater achievements included creating the National Are notation and Space Administration (NASA), and avoiding a nuclear war with the Russians in the Cue ban Missile Crisis and a more. But he had some major flaws such as the failed invasion at the Bay Of Pigs. The plan was to train Cuban exiles by the CA, they came up with a plan to sail into the Bay of

Pigs and was ashore and go on with their plan to kill F-idle Castro, this was not the case. Instead of washing ashore they hit a coral reef and started to swim ashore, when they got to the beach they were surrounded and killed. It is believed that some had previously tippet d off the Cubans and the U. S. Knew about it but went forward with the plan after all. Kennedy was a great president, he may have had his fair share Of LIPS, and downs but at the end Of the day, he was a great president. Moreover JEFF was a great president ever since the first televised debate to ha pen between John and Richard Nixon.

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Kennedy was calm, collected, and very proof sessions, while Nixon was sick and looked pale due to him not wearing makeup. With these c annotating appearances it was very clear that a majority of the viewers who watched the debate would vote for Kennedy, while people who listened to the debate on the radio would have e their bets on Nixon. Eventually JEFF won the American people over with his charm, charisma , and elegance that would later be known as the “Kennedy style.


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