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We He is almost like a reconnaissance

We are reading Alibi Junior High realistic fiction novel by Greg Logsted. This is about a teenage boy name Cody who is running away from the people who are trying to kill him and his dad. The people  killed his mom and they’re trying to kill the dad too. His dad send him to live with his aunt in Connecticut. When they got to the house people were celebrating and Cody thought it was a party for him. It’s for the neighbors son first day at home. As he arrived people were cheering and yelling out ” andy.” When Andy and Cody made eye contact they heard 3 gun shot pop so they  ducked but it was the kids popping the firecrackers. Cody was embarrassed when that happened. He feels like an idiot. The international criminal organization is trying to kill Cody’s CIA dad. His dad job is to find criminals.  He is almost like a reconnaissance which it means like a spy. Cody is part of the reconnaissance he travel all around the world with his dad. Cody is a apprehensive guy. He thinks that someone is trying to kill him. Cody is a middle schooler. He is home-school and his dad was teaching him karate, foreign language, and advanced math. He can’t sleep at night because he have flashback of the bombs and shooting. He is one of the protagonist guys who fights for their self. It was Cody’s first day of school. He thinks that school is the same thing as what he did when he was home-school, but is a lot different. He’s not worry to go school with small-town kids. His first day of school is literally going to be bad. He met a girl which he call her a ” cellphone girl.” The girl call him names and tease him. When he got on the bus kids didn’t want him to sit with them. The bus driver was angry at him because he didn’t sit down. He sat at the edge of the sit next to cellphone girl. When he got to the school, the security thought that he was a strange person because he sneak in the school. The security took him to the assistant principal’s office. He didn’t know that Mrs.Owens was the assistant principal. He got everything set, his classes, he got his locker, and his counselor. He attended Northridge Junior High.  He went to his locker and tried to open it. He needed help because he couldn’t open it so a teacher helped him. The teacher opened it and it opens. Kids were laughing at him, making fun of his outfit, and making fun how he don’t even know how to open the locker. He saw a beautiful girl walking so he asked his counselor for the girls name. He really likes her. Cody mom’s name is Jodi. She was a athletic person, she’s really popular, and always did well in school. She was a fantastic sister to Aunt Jenny. Jodi was a strong, intelligent woman, she would have done incredible things if she was still alive. Cody looks just like her and he smiles like her.  ” There’s a tall wall of  secrets that will always surround me.”Foreshadowing means there is something bad going to happen to Cody at gym class. Simple means recognize by other people. Literary device is part of the metaphor. Cody’s school was so tough on him. When he walked in the school with a new outfit nobody laughed, tease, and bully him. Albert helped him to look for an outfit to wear to school. Cody’s gym coach is really mean to the students. He saw his coach wearing a Yankees cab all he thought about was the bomb. I guess that the coach hates Cody. The coach and the students called him ” Teacup” because his from England and England people don’t drink coffee they only drink tea. Cody wanted to be kind to Frank which they call him ” Frankfurter” by slowing down so Frank can only run one lab and the whole class run two labs.   


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