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WEB (The What): Click Streams are used









Assignment 1:  What is Web Analytics, Page Caching, The Challenges, Search Robots, and Unique Visitors.

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Avinash Reddy Periyavaram

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Technically, Web Analytics can be defined as the practice used for “collecting, reporting, analyzing and optimizing the website data”. A websites data can be categorized into various forms like clickstreams, frequency, recency, time spent on a webpage, page views, hits, visitors, etc. The goal of analyzing a website is to attract more customers and maintain customer satisfaction, so it is required to drive continual improvement of the website experience that your customers have. Hence, we can say that web analytics is used for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  (Avinash Kaushik’s Web Analytics 2.0, 2010).









In Recent times, due to the advancement of the Internet, we can find many tools to analyze the customer behavior on a website. Some of the most used tools include Google Analytics, Tableau, Spring Metrics, Clicky, Web Analytics 2.0, etc. Using these tools, you can analyze the following (The Five Pillars) from the website.

§  Click Stream (The What): Click Streams are used to analyze unique visitors, page views, browser type, geolocations, session types and unique visitors.

§  Multiple Outcomes Analysis (The How Much): The reason for visiting/hosting a website vary from person to person, multiple outcome analysis results in satisfying all those objectives in order to measure and see whether the site is driving the desired outcomes.

§  Experimentation and Testing (The Why): This technique is used to know whether the website is working without any malfunctioning. This includes the testing of website design, text, graphics, ads and everything. Free tools like Google Website Optimizer to test and quickly find the optimal.

§  Voice of the Customer (The Why): The customer’s surveys, reviews on the site content makes us understand the main interest of the customer to visit the website.

§  Competitive Analysis (The What Else): A website needs to maintain a competitive atmosphere in order to improve sales rates, marketing rate, etc. The competitors may launch new products or features which can affect the performance of your site, so it is important to have competitive analysis to enhance website’s revenue and improve customer satisfaction. (Avinash Kaushik’s Web Analytics 2.0, 2010).


Marketing failures online is very cheap and can be changed using one of the following two methods

·      Strategic Shift/Imperative: It is equally important to care what happens on your website as you do about what happens on the competitor’s website. This shift is to create organized process and structures that enhance creativity, unleash the risk-taking ability and collaboration in the organization.


·      Tactical Shift: This change tests you thinking about the current tools you use for your websites analyzation and manage them. The best place to start overcoming the strategic failure.



Page caching can be defined as an approach to capture the website’s pages where the entire action output is stored as a HTML file that the web server can serve without going through entire action package and restore from scratch. In web analytics, it can be explained as the process done by a search engine like Google, which uses an algorithm called “web crawler” which stores data about the page (by taking snapshots), which is called as a backup version. Then this data used by search engine to judge whether it is a correct or appropriate result of customer’s search.



Search Robots is a procedure/algorithm which is used to gather web pages on the World Wide Web in a robotized way. For example, the search engine Google designed web crawler. This algorithm determines which site to crawl, and decides what to fetch from that site. It downloads one copy of each page at a time. If the crawler is stopped and restarted it starts downloading multiple instances.

            Challenges/Constraints for Search Robots:

ü  To maintain the fresh Database.

ü  To decide future directions.

ü  Missing of relevant pages.

ü  Limits in the network bandwidth.

ü  Processing and storage of data.



Unique Visitors means the number of different visitors requesting pages from a website during a given time span, regardless of how many times they visit the webpage. The intention of tracking unique customers is to help the investors or advertisers to understand customer behavior on the website. For example, a customer visits a website on Sunday and on Thursday this is recorded as two visits from one visitor. The information of the visitors is usually tracked by their IP addresses. 




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