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What events or experiences in your childhood influenced your approach to government?I was born in Berlin in 1620 as the only son of the elector at the time, George William and Elizabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate (“Frederick William.”; “Roider”). I attended the University of Leiden, located in Netherlands, though I found no interest in the lectures (“Frederick William.”). During my free time I explored the commercial life of Leiden and observed the Dutch’s commercial seafaring power (“Frederick William.”). The experience made a lasting impression on me and later pushed me to build an active navy that chartered Dutch ships, and the African Trading Company which brought in moderate amounts of profits (“Frederick William.”).How did you become ruler? Was it an easy process? Were you expecting to rule?I was a part of the Hohenzollern dynasty, the ambitious ruling house of Brandenburg-Prussia and imperial Germany (“Colon, Jose, et al.”; “Hohenzollern dynasty.”). My late father George William was in poor health, so during the year 1640, I succeeded him at age twenty when he passed away (“Roider 462-463”; “Frederick William.”; “Colon, Jose, et al.”). I inherited the duchies of Prussia from the east, and Cleve and Mark on the Dutch Frontier in 1640 (“Frederick William.”; “Colon, Jose , et al.”; “Roider”). When I began my rule, I had scattered possessions, with a variety of social and political systems (“Frederick William.”).What challenges did you face as a ruler and how did you deal with these challenges?When I began ruling, I directed my policy towards disengagement from my father’s pro-Austrian diplomacy (“Frederick William.”). Lands were a wreck, and the thirty years war had costed Brandenburg more than half of its population.What is your philosophy of government?Discuss your approach to foreign policy.Discuss your domestic policy.What have been your greatest successes as a ruler?  How did you achieve these successes?


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