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What heard that schools will only be

   What would your reaction be if you heard that schools will only be a four day school week? Having a four day school week is much more efficient than having a regular five day school week. Science in the U.S. has already made the case twice That having one extra day off can improve health, happiness and can decrease stress. Stress is declared by the American Psychological Association, also known as (ASA) the ASA is a scientific and professional organization that represents psychologists in the United States and they stated that stress is the number one killer in the U.S.That’s why kids should have four day school week instead of regular five.    Stress can cause six different types of deaths such as heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide.(“Hartz-Seeley”) Because school wants to prevent that for the kid’s many schools across the country are turning a four day school week as a solution to their problems. Giving kids a four day school week can help them catch up on class work and give more time for homework and family responsibilities, but most importantly get rid of a lot of stress. Now, there is some evidence that kids benefit from a shorter week, according to a new paper published in the Journal Education Finance and Policy. Schools that switch from a five day school week to a four day school week see better improvements in the math scores and behavior.(“Dahi”).  Over the course, 14 schools happened to switch from a regular five day school week to a four day school week. 2 years after the change Anderson and Walker of Montana State University found that math scores improved for the school, but the scores in reading were not much of a difference, though this, of course, means the scores didn’t drop, either. Schools should change the rules and make it so kids only go to school four days a week instead of five. It seems fair because the majority of the week is still going to school it’s just one more day off so the students can rest and spend some quality time with their family. I feel like giving kids another day off gives them an opportunity to finish homework and it gives kids more time to sleep so they be even more energized on the next Monday. Five day school weekends seem way too long if you think about it kids are in school more than they are at home, not counting the hours of sleep. Many parents think that their kids are not as attached to their grandparents, and school is the main reason why. As we all know kids grandparents will most likely die when the kid is around eighteen years old. WIth one extra day off it can make a difference on how connected the grandparents and the kid are. According to Jimmy Linderman from the Tunica county school district a shorter school week means kids are more rested and kids are less rambunctious(uncontrollable)at school. An extra day off also means more time to spend in other activities such as soccer, basketball and many more (Wilde). Some schools like Sage International School, don’t shut down the school to save on power on that extra day off  they leave it open for the teachers that way teachers can use that extra day to learn new ways to teach kids and to swap classrooms to teach other ideas to teach the kids. The teachers were also really enthusiastic about the new four day school week that they do a better job. Although if school was to change the five day school week into a 4 day school week they would most likely have to make the school days longer. But, studies have shown that one extra day off can lead to students paying more attention because of the long and relaxing three day weekend that they had. Many people argue that giving kids an extra day off can lead them to forgetting what they learned which is called academic loss. Academic loss is most notice when kids go on holidays breaks and teachers spend weeks reteaching what they just learned before going on the holiday break. But more studies have shown that when kids come back from the four day weekend they are more enthusiastic and do better in school than most regular five day weekends (Wilde). Having a four day school weekend can also decrease the expenses of the school (Bradley). Transportation costs including fuel, bus maintenance and driver salaries would be lowered. Also, there is a significant drop down of utility cost. On the other hand, money spent to fund school breakfast and lunch programs are reduced by 20 percent, as is spending associated with all hourly cafeteria and custodial workers. As I stated in the beginning, kids should have a four day school week. “Since students are in school longer on each of the four days, the extra time allows more time for kids for extended activities. For example, the science teachers have enough time to run labs, have the students write the lab reports, and clean up the labs wich cleaning up the labs sometimes isn’t possible or there isn’t enough time for it sometimes in one class period, one of the teaches say. “In English class students can write a rough draft, revise, and write a final draft of essays in one or two days instead of taking one whole week”(Long)”. Schools who have changed the tradition also seen less absences and less tardiness than before when they had the five day school week. And, are more engaged in class then before. Changing the schedule to a four day school week is also a great idea because it can also decrease the gas which is a problem nowadays. With less money on gas spent and less gassed used we can get rid of that problem faster and easier. On the other hand I support kids having a four days school week schedule and I think you should too. Changing the schedule to a four day weekend can reduce stress and help the kid in many ways such as health, education,  and energy. And these were my reasons why you should support four day school weeks.


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