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What is your IGN? Intex_What is your age? 12, but I am very mature for my ageTimezone: ESTSchool ranking: First year of Middle SchoolHobbies: Reading, writing, looking at the beautiful scenery of the countryside, travelingTalents: Basketball, being the class clown (in a good way), making friends (I have a very outgoing and kind personality so it comes natural to me), and looking sexyDiscord username and discord number:My discord username is Intex_ and my discord number is 4263Skype:Intex_Why should we accept you for staff?I believe you should choose me to become a staff member for many reasons: I am good with commands and pretty good at building. I also excel at helping players, being collaborative and friendly towards other, and making everyone feel welcome. I help anyone who needs help, it doesn’t matter whether its nor staff or player, I just want to help everyone who needs it because everyone deserves to be able to ask someone for help. Asking for help is never ever a bad thing to do, it is actually a smart thing to do if you find yourself just really stumped or stuck on something. I am a kind, understanding, wise, positive, funny, responsible, and reliable mentor for other people. I am a funny guy to be around and love all people. I love interacting with people whether it be through text chatting in the server, verbal communications through voice applications like Discord and Skype or other ways. I have much patience and can withstand long periods of time waiting for something without complaining. I also love interacting in projects no matter it be a group project or an individual project. If I am bored and a project comes up then I will be happy because it will give me a fun, enjoyable thing to do in my time. I treat everyone with respect and equality. I also make sure everyone is accepted and feels accepted in the server community. It is very important that everyone is treated with respect, equality and acceptance. So what if their maybe from another heritage line or culture? That doesn’t mean they’re more stupid or worse than you, and they don’t deserve to be treated that way. Unfortunately, I know for a fact that a lot of people in the game of Minecraft aren’t is kind to one another. There are those people who are rude and disrespectful to others. Well, that is a very poor decision on their part because they don’t even care to think about what the person being bullied feels about you bullying them. Like what if you were the one being bullied, how would you feel if you were in the victim’s person’s shoes. Well, That actually brings me to my next point. I am very serious about cyber-bullying, it is not right and no one deserves to be bullied in any shape or form. I know I can say this for a fact because I have been bullied before when I was younger. There’s only one thing I hate worse than being bullied, seeing others get bullied especially when that person is being bullied by a former peer, friend, or well-known person. Whenever I see it immediately take action, I stand up for the person being bullied and make them feel safer. I love seeing players helping each other and being friends. I am a great staff member and have a lot of potential! As a player I promise to follow the rules if I were to become a staff member and always abide by them. I am a great socialist and I communicate well the community. I understand what people mean when they have problems, I have acquired myself to know all concepts of things so that I am able to correctly answer someone’s question. You can count on me to not answer a question incorrectly because before I say my answer I check it and say to myself “is this really what I want to say, is this correct” then if it is correct I submit my response/message in chat to the person to successfully “help” them. No matter what circumstance I would never go against what I stand for (honesty, purity, kindness, maturity, etc) because it shows immaturity or a lack of maturity and that is something most people (like me) don’t appreciate on the server and in real life. Finally, I am a hard-working individual and will always try to make the server the best it could possibly be! I have a lot of potential and am well trained to handle problems.I am really phenomenal at staff management which gives me reason to believe that i’m a valuable applicant to consider as a potential future staff member. I would talk and get to know the players. Playing, helping residents, and having fun is a great day for players, and I want to do it with them. I notice if you do reach out to the players and not hide behind your staff rank, the players love it! Also, I would consider starting some giveaways or meet ups on the server for those who do not have a rank, but of course, they would be unofficial unless I talk to a higher ranked, and more authorized staff member. couple of the numerous ways I can help the server is by assisting the people in need, resolving the conspicuous conflicts that take place on the server every day. I will help eliminate the number of hackers and arguments on the server. I will make sure everyone follows the rules and operates appropriately at all times. I am experienced in what to do in a uncivilized conflict and can (to the best of my abilities) solve it in a calm and mature manner. I am a very experienced person in staff presidency and know how to correctly operate as a completely functional staff member in the right way. I will always function as an equal part of the staff team and show my hard work that gets put into the server by me. I want everyone to know that I will be working long, hard hours on the server at night during the school week and basically all day during the weekend. It will certainly be a trait that stands out that people can easily see in me. That is devotion, and devotion and hard work is key quality for a staff member to obtain and acquire/have. Luckily for me, I believe I have shown tons of devotion towards the server which ups my chance of obtaining staff. |To add on to that, I am a fair person, and you can count on me to not make decisions based on favoritism and friendship. The vibe and atmosphere on the server is amazing, the players and the staff help in that department. Ever since I’ve started playing Minecraft, moderating has been a big part of the experience. I’ve moderated many communities, giving me a lot of experience and knowledge on the road. Helping is one of the most pleasurable things that I’ve done, both in Minecraft and in real life. I believe that an urge to help, kindness and sincerity will take you far, I can confidently say that I embody all of these traits and I really think that I could be a great help to the staff team. I want to join the staff team that monitors the thriving community. Prior to this application, I have played for a while, met a lot of people, assisted a good bunch. I can tell that the server has the potential to grow exponentially, and I hope to help make that prediction come true. Even while being serious on the topic of moderation, I can be someone that you can have fun and joke around with.On each server that I was staff on, they use a multitude of different plugins. Of course, when you move on to a new community, you expect new things, and that’s exactly what I do. From experience, I am able to quickly and fully understand punishment guidelines, punishment commands and the system overall. I am confident that I will have no trouble in this department and I would be a huge contribution to the team. I know perfectly well the qualifications it takes to become a staff member. When contemplating on whether to accept someone or whether someone is worthy of staff, I know that you have to look at their ability to convey what they mean, their reasons behind applying and of course, influence in the community. To be a good staff member, you have to develop skills that you normally wouldn’t have as a teenager or child: being extra kind; putting the satisfaction of the player’s over your own; being willing to help with anything at all and being professional.I don’t get jealous very easily. When someone else achieves something, I recognize it and congratulate them sincerely. Something I’ve noticed from past communities is that people tend to say “congrats” with a hint of jealousy behind it. I know when to bring things up publicly, when to discuss things privately and I know when it’s better if something is left unsaid. Some sensitive issues would cause a big debate about it, depending on the severity, I would always discuss it with someone higher up who has the ability to handle it without any problems. My motivation comes from a series of denials within the Minecraft community. Skill is important, but motivation is too. I find that remarkable staff members are always very driven to excel. It’s important to provide satisfactory work, but I feel like a good staff member should always strive to make satisfactory work become excellent work, to constantly strive to make things better. I can gladly say to you that I have all of these skills. Finally, I believe I deserve to be hired onto the server staff team because of my love for the game of Minecraft, extensive moderating experience, and friendly, helping nature.Why should we trust you won’t abuse powers?You should trust me when I say I won’t abuse my powers. I have owned a server with a lot of people before and that taught me a lot of things. One of those things, was learning how to be responsible when you are given an amount of power. Your purpose as a staff member, is to help the community and help the server become the best it can be. It’s not to wreck havoc and create chaos with trolling and abusive power surges every day! That ruins the server and the game of Minecraft for everyone else and why would you do that? I truly know that you can trust me with the power that comes with a staff rank.What staff rank are you applying for?Any rank really. The rank of staff that I receive (if I do receive) does not matter so much as how I can use it to help and contribute to the server’s success.Explain what a staff member does?A staff member is the epitome of what all community members should be like. They are role models for every single new player who joins the server, unknowing of the server rules, aspects, etc. If we could contain a respectful, kind, and thriving community on a consistent basis, this server could really become something specialWhat is your previous staff experience:I have been staff on many servers before and know how to operate correctly. I know how to enforce the correct punishment to a player based on the severity of the situation. I know how to handle all scenarios, situations, or problems (basically same thing). I used to have/own a server that was up every hour of every day for over a year. The IP was TetonicCraft.com but I closed it down because I did not get enough donations (money) to keep the server up. I oversaw every aspect of the server, including configuration and plugin management. I hired staff based on their abilities and their past experience of staff moderation. Also, a couple of servers I have moderated and been staff on are hawkcraft, mcfunhub, swimmer-network, zyanpvp, ice-craft, bladecraft, cyber-craft, and finally omega-nation. I can definitely say for a fact that I can handle all the responsibilities of being a staff member not just on the server, but on other servers as well. I have managed many servers before and thus, I believe I should be Manager. As I said I have actually owned a server before so I know I can definitely say I have a lot of experience with being staff. With saying this, I have been all different ranks of staff such as Co-Owner, Owner (when I owned my own server), Admin, Head Admin, Manager, Mod, and basically every other staff rank there is. Anything else we should know?I just want to thank the application team here on the server for taking the time to read this application thoroughly and give some good thought into considering me as a future and potential staff member. I really think I would be a great asset to the staff team here and I really want to help this server become the best it can be!


I'm Simon!

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