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What that with wireless communications allows for

What are
networking standards?


·       Networking
standards refers to how different devices such as computers from different
companies can connect to the same network. This means that the two different companies
computers have to follow the same standard for the computers to be able to
connect to the same network. For example, the IEEE uses the 802 standard which
is a way of transmitting data. Within this standard there are sub standards for
Ethernet LAN, broadband, fibre optic LAN and wireless LAN. All of these
different 802 standards are ways of communicating information some use cables
such as the fibre optics and some use wireless communication, the difference is
that with wireless communications allows for multiple communications at the
same time whereas cables can only communicate to one device at a time.  

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Why are
networking standards important?


·       Networking
standards are important, but it is also important to have base as to where all
devices can connect to. This is known as a de-facto standard; this type of
standard has no status its just used by the masses. This is good because if
there is one standard that is known to everyone in an industry then consumers
of that industry can connect to the same networks. i.e. people that purchase
dell laptops and HP laptops can connect to the same network through wireless
communication or wired in the form of an ethernet cable.


·       If the same
standards are used throughout an industry it means that the manufacturers can
customise the system of the products, they sell to consumers. This means that
the laptops sold by dell for example can have multiple 802 standards such as
ethernet LAN and wireless LAN. This gives the consumer the choice of different
ways of communicating information. this is beneficial to the consumers because
they have more variety.



·       An issue with
everyone using different standards within manufacturers is that people will be
limited in their choice of where they can buy from as the manufactures products
will only work to certain standards. This also means that specific manufactures
of goods will become duopoly’s which means that only a small number if
manufactures will control the market which means consumers will have less
choice and generally have to pay higher process for goods.





Why TCP/IP is
used on networks?



·       TCP/IP is used
on networks as it was the original protocol that was developed for the
internet. Within this protocol there are two separate layers which is TCP and
IP. These separate protocols are designed to do two separate jobs the TCP is
designed to break down the message into packets. These packets contain parts of
the message. The message can’t be transmitted without being broken up because
the message would be too big. Once the TCP has done its job the IP protocol can
do its job which is transmitting the message. It sends the packets of
information to an IP address on a network.


·       TCP/IP is used
because it has a very secure connection. It has a secure connection due to how
packets of information are received by another computer. The computer who is
sending the information sends a packet of information to the receiving computer
and if the IP address matches then the packet is sent back to the original
computer. After this the packets of information are known to be going to the
correct place as the second computer accepted the information to begin with.
This reduces the chances of data being compromised.


·       TCP/IP is used
on networks because it is important to have one plain language that everyone
uses. By having only one language it means that everyone can send information
from all devices. This is good because it means that certain people aren’t
stopped from communicating worldwide.  


·       TCP/IP is used
on local area networks because they tend to be small geographical areas such as
a college which means that anywhere within the college you can connect to the
network and send information. information would be able to send more easily as
its within a smaller location.


Benefit of


·        The benefits of a WAN are that you’ve got
greater privacy and security. When information is sent on a wide area network
the data is encrypted which means that it hackers can’t steal your information
when its being transmitted. This is good because it means that there is less
chance of data loss and less chance of important information being stolen. This
is good because it gives the person sending the information reassurance that
everything is ok.


·       An advantage
of a WAN is that it covers a large geographical area and all the people
connected to it can access all of the same information. this is good because
one person could be in Tokyo accessing the same information as someone in
London who’s also part of the WAN.


Benefit of


·        A benefit of a LAN is that it is a faster
network type. Fast ethernet is a LAN that can provide speeds of up to
100megabites per second. This is good because by having a faster network data
transfer becomes easier. For example, if you’re at college and you want to
download lots of documents online then the time taken to get them would be less
than a WAN as the connection speed is far superior.


·       An advantage
of using a LAN network is that it is really easy to set up. If you want to create
a basic LAN, all you need to have in order to make one is WIFI and a ethernet
cable. Once you have these two pieces you can create a link between any two
devices. Its good that this is easy because it means that you don’t have to
spend ample time on it. you can make it and use it relatively quickly and data
sharing becomes a lot easier without a lot of input.


Protocols of


·       HDLC protocol
is a type of WAN protocol. This protocol is used to connect two points to point
devices together. In simpler terms this protocol can connect two different
devices in two different places together. When the two devices are close to
connecting they are dropped from the WAN to the LAN and then the two devices


Protocols of


·        A LAN protocol is ethernet. This is a widely
used type of protocol that most business and homes use. This protocol works
through RJ-45 cables. Before data is sent through the cables the network is
checked to see if it is clear. If the network is clear, then the data gets sent
off. If the line is busy then the computer will wait till the line is free then
send the information.



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