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What These are planting and protecting trees,

   What can
people do to stop destruction of our environment? That’s a very important
question to the world. Actually, we have seen many rains, tornados, tsunamis
and floods etc… They are the result of the greenhouse effect and the warming up
of the earth. Global warming and the greenhouse effect are the result of environmental
damage. In my opinion, to prevent the destruction of our environment, we have
to do three important things. These are planting and protecting trees, researching
methods of environmentally friendly technology, and propagating the sense of
environmental protection for everyone. If we do these three important things,
we can certainly protect our environment to build a beautiful world in the

planting and protecting trees is very important for protecting the environment.
The carbon monoxide and the greenhouse gases are responsible for retaining the
Sun’s heat, preventing it from reflecting into space. If greenhouse gases exist
at a moderate level, they help keep the earth’s temperature from being too
cold, but if the current concentrations are high then the atmosphere and
surface of the earth will heat up. Increased CO2 emissions are due to exhaust
fumes from vehicles, and from the emissions of the plants that have caused the
greenhouse effect. Plants absorb CO2 and release oxygen, and ozone helps
regulate the amount of CO 2 in the air just enough for the earth. The release
of oxygen and ozone also help air conditioning, help people and animals breathe
easily. These things are the cause of increasing the warming effect of the earth.
Also, trees also retain rainwater to prevent soil erosion, landslides. If there
are no trees to hold water, the floods will be terrible. For example, if the
forest is not destroyed, the water flow is slower, but by deforestation, the
amount of water flowing faster and stronger causes floods. One more important
thing that trees help to cover the ground, creating shade for plants, and
animals to develop ecological balance on the earth. For example, if there are
no big trees to keep water, the plants will not survive. If so, the herbivore
will have no food source. This leads to the extinction of herbivores, and it
causes ecological imbalance. Thus, planting is very important for preventing
the destruction of habitat on the earth. We must do this often and continuously
to save the earth, which is considered to be the common house of human.

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researching methods of environmentally friendly technology are essential for
the protection of the environment. Builders and architects should use less
glass on the outside walls of the building as their design because the amount
of heat generated from the glass building only adds to the heated atmosphere.
Inside the building, the temperature will increase significantly resulting in increased
demand for use of fans and air conditioning. This is both a waste of
electricity and a cause of CFC emissions. Therefore, the application of
technology in the construction of houses is very necessary to reduce the harm
to the environment. Also, emissions from vehicles also cause the greenhouse
effect, the warming of the earth and the destruction of the environment.
Therefore, engineers and manufacturers need to research technologies to reduce
vehicle emissions. For example, they could study vehicles such as hybrid cars,
or electric cars so that there is no emission. In addition, future
technological changes will also result in less plastic use and more use of
biodegradable materials. It also helps our earths not be polluted by solid,
non-destructive waste such as plastics and polymers etc… For
example, if you use biodegradable materials, we will not be necessary to handle
large amounts of waste from residual plastics that contaminate soil, air, and
water. As such, researching environmentally friendly technologies is also important
for protecting the water, land and air of the earth. That can be done in many
different areas of our life.

   Lastly, humans
are the owners of the earth, but they also cause environmental damage. The
consciousness of human environmental protection is what determines whether we
succeed in protecting the earth. Humans can destroy the environment, but humans
can also fully protect the environment. Therefore, the
propaganda of environmental awareness for everyone on the earth is decisive for
the protection of the environment. If we show people the meaning of planting
trees, protecting trees or saving water for the environment, there are
certainly many people who will do it. If we do that, it will be easier to
protect our planet from environmental catastrophes. Moreover, changing people’s
perceptions can prevent people from junk waste, properly sorting waste in order
to recycle waste that will help keep the environment from being destroyed by
toxic chemicals. Another example is stopping the use of deodorant and spray is
a very important thing that comes from human consciousness because air
conditioners, refrigerators and CFC aerosol aerosols. If CFC gas leaks into the
atmosphere, it will degrade the ozone in the air. The ozone layer is what
protects us against the harmful radiation of the sun. People are the ones who
decide whether their jobs are beneficial or harmful to the environment. So if
we analyze the meaning of the need to protect the environment, and what human
beings can do to protect the environment, then the earth will be safeguarded
against the dangers of destruction environment in the near future.

conclusion, environmental protection is the common responsibility of all
mankind. That is also the synthesis of many different measures. We can
completely prevent environmental damage if we propagate awareness to people,
make environmental technology changes, and plant trees to cover the planet. For
a better world for the future, we must protect the environment for future


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