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When and long term of my life.

When we become a
teenager, we will experience physical, mental and emotional changes. We will
start to think further, have hope and start planning for future. We are dealing
with various in daily activities which we must make choices and decisions
wisely.  Each goal may be too big to
achieve but it will be easier if we separate into a different time for every
each goal. We need to consider the advice given by parents, families and people
who care about ourselves and also we must be responsible for any decisions have
been made. Everyone wants to be success in their life. To become a successful
person we should have clear goals that will give us encouragement in future.
Same goes to me, I will write a few of my professional goals and personal goals
that I want to achieve in short term, medium term and long term of my life.

My short term
professional goal is to earn a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and
Finance by 2019 at Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Bangi with my batch mates. In order to
achieve my goal, I will do extra revision with my roommates after learning new
topic in class and maintain my grades every semester. For subject that I am not
understood well I will meet my lecturer personally to get the point needed and
asking my seniors for the suitable solution. This is because they have more
experiences as a senior in accounting field. I know that I will achieve my goal
if I take it as a commitment and not easily give up on the half way. My goal is
realistic because it is a preparedness to let other help me achieve it. My
friends and I are helping and supporting each other by doing study group to
success together in degree level. So by doing extra revision I am sure to
graduate with first class degree.

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My medium term
professional goal is I would like to continue my studies in professional course
ACCA certificate qualifications after finishing my degree studies in 2019 by
the age of 22. In order to achieve this goal, I need to find scholarship to
support my studies fees which is quiet expensive. Many scholarship want
criteria needed including performance in study and student soft skills. Thus, I
will improve my soft skills in communication with others which will form
lasting bonds and if I have great communication skill this will be a benefit
for me in writing a report for an assignment or presentation. I know that I
will achieve my goal because I am now in year two of Bachelor in Accounting and
Finance which will be graduate in one year and half. My goal is realistic
because I am very attentiveness to get this professional certificate qualification
since I am in semester one diploma. Thus it is great path for me to achieve
this qualification after getting my degree.


My long term
professional goal is I would like to work with government as an auditor at
Ministry of Finance in Putrajaya after I finish my studies in ACCA on the year
2022. In order to achieve this goal I also will develop my analytical skill
that will help me to make a decision based on options available by evaluating
the information and increase my leadership skill which will make me more
confidence to lead, manage, and motivate an organisation. This is because
employers nowadays want to hire their employee with this strength for their
company advantages in future. An auditor constantly will meet new challenges in
the jobs. I know that I will achieve my goal if I maintain and amend my soft
skill in every aspect. My goal is realistic because I have become a volunteer
in many events during diploma which had increased a few of my soft skill in leadership
and team building.

my short term personal goal is I want to reduce my operating expenses by 25%
before end of June 2018. I will not buy unnecessary things need and also
spending my money wisely on food. Before this I had spent too much money on
food which will make me full on a short time for example fast food. Thus, I
need to eat healthy food or go on diet to save money per day.  In order to achieve my goal I will save RM 20
per week and considering anything that I am spending money on which will come
up with solution to reduce those expenses.  I know that I will achieve my goal if I force myself
not to waste for it. My goal is realistic because I already save RM 5 per week since
January 2017. So by spending money wisely I can reduce my operating expenses.

medium term personal goal is I want to have a stable and successful financial development
by the age of 27. In order to achieve this goal I will evaluate my expenses and
do budgeting every month. For example I will save some money for emergency case
so that if anything unexpected happen I will use that money and also by
limiting my expenses on shopping. I know that I will achieve my goal if I keep
track on how much my money have spending for. My goal is realistic because I
have using an application that I can know where I expense my money and where I
get them from. After every transaction that I made in real life I will record
them in that application named Spending Tracking. I also can see my net income
or net loss of my budgeting for every month so that I can have a stable


My long term personal
goal is I would like to complete my trip around the world by December 2026
alone. In order to achieve this goal I will make some money to increase my
income. For example I will work as a part time during semester break of my
studies and doing some online business. I know that I will achieve my goal
because during my last semester break of diploma I had worked as an accountant
assistant at small business company before I am continuing my degree study. Not
only that I also had become an agent to sell iphone online which is trusted
seller during diploma. My goal is realistic because I have been involved in an
investment called bitcoin currency which has been in top cryptocurrency market
since October 2017 with 0.1 bitcoin equal to RM 4810.75. This investment needs
more attention when to buy, sell or trade through digital currency and full of
risky. It’s also takes knowledge and patient with trading strategies to be a
great investor so I will use my investment money to travel around the world.

on all my professional and personal goals using SMART approach, I believe that
I can achieve all the goals stated above. To try something new we should not
fear of failure because it will bury your potentials and talents. We must
accept the fact that life is full of obstacles and those who succeed are those
who face life’s barriers before this. The more failure we encounters, the more
it means to your success. Do not give up because the success may be waiting
after a failure. When I see the importance of setting goals, I am very excited
to achieve them with full of self-confidence. With all the support in all
aspects through tough and difficult time from my family, friends, lecturers and
people around me I can feel my goals will become a reality one day. I will
always keep in mind the goals that I want to achieve by putting it as a desktop
background so every time I on the laptop, I will definitely see that goal and
also surround myself with friends who always encourage me to get to those goals.


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