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When gobbled up by ammur the eater

When you are a royal in Eegypt and die, this is what happens to your body. Your body was turned into a Mummy’s first the soft organs were removed. Then the body was packed inside and out with natronnation, a salty substance, and was left to dry for 40 days. After being washed, stuffed, and rubbed with oils and resins, it was wrapped in linen bandages, to protect the mummy and help it to come back to life again. All organs were taken out except heart and kidneys were left in the body. Egyptians thought the heart was the place where we feel emotions and think. While the heart, liver, intestines, stomach, and lungs were all carefully preserved, the brain was thrown away.They would push a hooked blade through the nostrils and whisk the brain until it turned liquid. It was then drained out through the noseThe dead person’s liver, stomach, intestines, and lungs were separately preserved. Each was wrapped in bandages and stored in it’s own canopic jar protected by a god, whose head often appeared as the stopper. Mummifiction had it’s own god, Anubis,amubis who had the head of a black jackal ( wild dog). This tomb painting shows Aanubis working on the mummy of a man called sennedjem. One of the priest overseeing process wore the mask of anubis acting the role of a god.Weighing the heart, The dead had to pass a test  called the weighing of the heart. Watched  over by anubis protector of the dead the heart was weighed on a scale against the feather of maat goddess of truth and justice. If the heart was lighter then the feather, it meant that the person had lived a good life. If the heart was too heavy, it would be gobbled up by ammur the eater of the dead.The afterlife. For the egyptians, death was the start of a long and dangerous journey. Before reaching the afterlfie the dead person would have to travel through a dark underworld avoiding monsters, poisonous snakes, and lakes of fire. Guidebooks for the panited on mummy cases and on tomb walls these books of the dead listed the dangers spells that would protect them. Each book was specially painted for an individual who was shown facing the perils of the under world before being reborn


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