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Who Ancient Mycenaeans around 1600 B.C.E. In

              Who was responsible for the fall of Ancient Greece? Athens? Persia?Sparta?Peloponnesian War?The fall of Ancient Greece began with the Ancient Mycenaeans around 1600 B.C.E. In 1100 B.C.E., the Mycenaeans fell, Ancient Greece developed, and straight away hit their Dark Age. It ended around 800 B.C.E. And this was when all the battles between civilizations and city-states started. There were many battles between city-states in Greece that subsequently led the fall of Ancient Greece. There are many reasons for the fall of Ancient Greece. And one of the main reasons is because of the Persian Empire. In 490 B.C., Ancient Persia decided to attack Greece to expand their empire. King Darius of Persia sent an army to attack Greece but did not succeed. His son Xerxes then decided to get revenge for his father. Xerxes and his army lost and won many battles against the Greeks. You can argue that The Persian War started because of the Ionian people revolted against Persia because of Greece. Another significant reason for the fall of Ancient Greece was because of the conflict between Sparta and Athens. This conflict can also be referred to as, The Peloponnesian War. The Peloponnesian War was essentially a series of battles between Sparta and Athens. This isn’t the first time Athens and Sparta have gone to battle they have had a bad relationship, since the beginning of their city-states. They have always had some sort of conflict. Philip of Macedonia conquered Greece at the perfect time, right around the time of The Peloponnesian War. Some can argue that The Peloponnesian War, was not a cause of the fall of Ancient Greece because it was caused by the Persian War. Speaking of The Persian War.Reason #1: The Persian WarThere are many reasons for the fall of Ancient Greece and one of the main ones is The Persian War. The Persian War was virtually a series of battles between Ancient Greece and Ancient Persia. Before any of the battles occured, Athens and Sparta promised to have an to have an alliance for Greece. King Darius wanted to expand his empire and his next destination was Greece. This idea of his all started on The Plane of Marathon, 26 miles away from Athens, when King Darius decided to send a Persian army into battle against the Greeks. But it did not end well for the Persians. Athens took the victory against the Persians. The Persian Army was eliminated. This is how the story of Pheidippides started. He ran from the Plane of Marathon to Athens, this was a 26 mile run, he traveled to Athens to inform Athens of their victory against Persia. The modern-day Marathon(26 miles) derived from Pheidippides. Athens celebrated to early, this battle was not the end of The Persian War. A couple years later, Xerxes, the son of Darius, wanted to get back at the Greeks for his father’s loss against the Greeks. He lead an army of 180,000 troops and thousands of ships to supply them. A Greek force of 7,000 soldiers kept the Persians out for only two days. A traitor informed the Persians of a path to defeat the greeks. Athens was abandoned and they all fled to the Island of Salamis. All greek forces,  mainly the spartans fought off the persians, The Athenian navy swept in and ended the Persians. The Athenians saved the day and that is when Athens hit their Golden Age. This is clearly a big factor to the fall of Ancient Greece. It lowered amount of soldiers in Greece and caused conflicts between city-states. Such as, Athens and Sparta. Sparta was jealous that Athens got all the fame for the war, but Sparta did most of the work. Speaking of the conflict between Sparta and Athens. Reason #2: The Peloponnesian War (The Peloponnesian League  vs The Delian League)Another significant compelling reason for the fall of Ancient Greece was because of The Peloponnesian War. Sparta was always making fun of how not militaristic Athens was. Today we see Athens as a more sophisticated city-state, for the following reasons. Before The Peloponnesian War occured, Athens hit it’s golden age and that was a main section in Greek History. Athens decided to create The Delian League, it was a group of city states(led by Athens) that was created to defend Greece from any other future attacks from Persia. Sparta then created the Peloponnesian League, it was basically an alliance that Sparta and other city states made. Sparta controlled The Peloponnesian League, Corinth, The best city-state of the sea was apart of The Peloponnesian League. The Peloponnesian War was not  only between Sparta and Athens, as a matter of fact, the first battle was between Athens and Corinth. Sparta periodically fought with Corinth in this battle. After the first battle, both leagues agreed on a Thirty Years Treaty. It basically said that both leagues must respect each other, but we all know that wasn’t the end of The Peloponnesian War. A couple years later, Athens decided to ally with a colony of Corinth, Corcyra. And that’s when The Peloponnesian League accused Athens of not abiding by the rules of The Treaty. Thebes, a city-state in The Peloponnesian League decided to attack an Athenian ally, and the war broke out again. As you can see, The Peloponnesian League and The Delian League are virtually disguised names for Sparta and Athens. Sparta and Athens never stopped budding heads.Counter Argument: Was Greece responsible for the fall of their empire?You can argue that the Persian Empire wasn’t a cause of the fall of Ancient Greece. You can also argue that Ancient Greece caused the Persian Empire to attack for many reasons. Ancient Greece created colonies along West Asia Minor. Around 600 B.C.E., the Persian Empire controlled those Ionian city-states. They didn’t want to to be ruled under Persian power. So, they decided to revolt against the Persians. They were told to revolt by Athens. This was the main reason why they decided to attack Athens. The Greeks failed, but it stirred King Darius’s pot, which propelled him to expand his empire to Greece. ” Sire, remember the Athenians” is what King Darius forced a slave to tell him everytime he ate dinner, to remind him of what made the Ionian community to revolt. Furthermore, this choice Athens made by telling the Ionian community to revolt against the Persians is what forced King Darius to attack Athens. This is the reason why you can argue that Ancient Greece started the fall of their army and not the Persians. This wasn’t the only reason why King Darius attacked Greece, he also wanted to expand his empire and control all of the greek city-states. Although these reasons are valid, The Persian War contributed to the fall of Greece because it the Persians decided to attack Greece two times. Any king would want to expand their empire, and that’s what King Darius attempted to do, but did not succeed. He son then had to make a decision whether or not to attack Greece and he did but again he did not succeed. Both kings had the choice to attack Greece. Their attacks affected Greece, by loss of soldiers and resources, this war was the beginning to the end of Greece.Conclusion The Fall of Greece was fast and traumatic because Philip of Macedonia attacked swept in at the perfect time, during the time The Delian League and The Peloponnesian League were at war.          He conquered  Ancient Greece around the end of The Peloponnesian War.  It was a pretty simple task for him because a lot of the Greek Men(City-States) were at war with each other. With the loss of resources and men, any empire at that time could have taken over Ancient Greece and Philip did that. His son Alexander The Great then went on to conquer past The Persian Empire, which is ironic because Ancient Greece could barely keep them from conquering them.He went all the way to the Hindu Kush Mountains. On his journey, he spread a lot of stories of Ancient Greece and spread Greek Culture. As I stated before.The other side of this argument is if Greece was the cause to the fall of it’s empire. The reason for this is because they stirred the pot.  All in all, Ancient Greece made some good and bad decisions. If they didn’t tell the Ionian People to revolt, then history would change. There wouldn’t be an Alexander the Great and maybe I would be Greek. One good decision they made was to unite against the Persians to keep them out. But as I said before, that is what caused The Peloponnesian War. And that was the end of the Ancient Greece Empire. Furthermore, The Persian War and The Peloponnesian War were the main reasons Macedonia conquered Ancient Greece.


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