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Wirte that the school attachs a lot

Wirte an Opinion Essay:”Our school system must be reformed completely”The question „how good our school system really is” ,and „if we are supposed to change the system” ,is for sure an interest question, which affects all of us students. Because every child spends at least 5 days a week at school. That is a lot of time and so it’s a big task, especially for the teachers, to make sure that all off the students feel well. In fact there are many things to consider. I certainly believe that we, the students, but also the teachers and the head of the school can undoubtedly make things more comfortable and more efficient for everybody. Albeit just small things, can have a big result. Firstly, there is to mind that the school attachs a lot of value to marks. On everything they have to put marks. I think the students are pressed for time, because teachers and sometimes also their parents want to see only the best marks. Furthermore the students begin also to compete with their classmates. We should get every single time the highest marks otherwise were aren’t good students. Obviously this is very stressful for us. I think the teachers had better learn their students not to study for marks and don’t put them under so big pressure. I have the opinion that the school system must find another way to give marks  on tests.Afterwards , there is to mention that in our school, some days and lessons are not so important. I believe that we could cancel a few hours in the afternoon. The teacher should try to concentrate the subject material well-directed, so we don’t lose time. For example, recently we have had the last two hours freetime, what means that one of our teacher was missing and so we had a substitute, which let us watch a film. Of course that’s never bad, but instead of watching a movie about a random theme, we could have better gone home.All things considered there are for sure some things that the school system could change, even if this are small things. Then in the end the school should be a place, where everyone goes with pleasure.


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