Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

With becomes an issue. Since there is


With limited space in the classroom ventilation
becomes an issue. Since there is no room on the surface of the classroom for
enrichment areas, teachers fill the walls with learning materials which aids in
trapping heat. Along with this pupils are closely seated and air does not get
the opportunity to circulate properly throughout the classroom. This leaves
teacher to function in overheated conditions and teach children who are also
under the same condition. Faced with these evidence, the researcher intents to
find out teachers’ perception and attitude towards their physical classroom
environment in the North Georgetown District.


In many classrooms in this district the teacher has
little room for any elaborate method of teaching such as role playing with
large props to reenact real life experiences or to go on hunts, since space to
move around is an issue.With the limited capacity of the classroom which
teachers have to teach in, any exposure forpupils to discover is limited.
Although the curriculum has changed in that it pays attention to various pedagogical
issues, the classroom environment remains the same thus, and these changes are
not effectively implemented.

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many classrooms in the North Georgetown District the researcher has observed
that there is not enough space for moving around in the classroom; nor space to
place specific enrichment learning areas within the classroom. When a classroom
has limited space it does not create an environment which would stimulate or
encourage active learning. According to (Piaget, 1953), “the goal of education
is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for
a child to invent, discover and to shape individuals who are capable of accomplishing
new things”.


Another research conducted by Mege (2014) in Uganda reviled
that teachers in found difficulty in carrying out the teaching-learning process
due to poor lighting, noise and inconsistent temperature in the physical
classroom environment.

A study conducted by Barrett, Barrette and Zhang (2015),
on teachers’ views on their classroom in United Kingdom, results showed that
teacher also had issues with their classroom size, ventilation in the classroom
along with noise. Teachers indicated that their classrooms were cramped and
areas for specific enrichment learning were limited.

Adequate classroom space is essential for pupils as
well as teachers. Children at the lower Primary level are at the most active
stage of their lives. At this age children need an environment which opens the
gateway for learning. Teachers’ role is use the necessary tools available to
give children an education. According to Ministry of Education Guyana, 2015 ‘teachers
set the tone of their classrooms, build a warm environment, mentor and nurture
students’. For children who are in the age 6-7, teachers’ role is not to send
and lecture at the head of the class. Active children need to be engaged in
active learning. In many classrooms around the world along with those in the
North Georgetown District space is an issue for teachers.


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